2012 Top-Ten Hatemongering / Zionist Slurs

Instead of a Foreword: To follow up the rules set by the Simon Wiesenthal Center we did not label this list „Wanted – Dead or alive!“ If someone will interpret the list of Simon Wiesenthal Center this way, and criminal action happens accordingly we are pretty sure, the Simon Wiesenthal Center would say that this was not intended and so do we.

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Eric Dondero on the Ron Paul newsletters – Damning or exculpatory testimony?

As predicted: after it appeared that Ron Paul, the sole antiwar contender of the major parties in the primaries for the US presidential election 2012 is leading the polls in Iowa, the state to vote first in the primaries, the propaganda machine of the zionist establishment attacks the only peace candidate of 2012 with all it’s might.

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Libya – another war for Israel

Any reasonable observer of political events has understood clearly that Mearsheimer and Walt were right in their analysis that Israel – although it has masked it well – was the main reason for the war on Iraq, for the sake of enforcement of the concept paper „A Clean Break„, which laid out the domination plans of the Zionist apartheid regime. The war of aggression against Libya seems to be hardly different. Here, too, an important reason for the attack is the wish of the Zionist apartheid regime, to go a step further to build a Greater Israel despite threats of peace enforcement.

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Libya to get the NATO standard of human rights now

How the NATO standard of human rights looks like, the murderous bombing near Kunduz on September 4th, 2009, has shown to the world. How action for human rights in compliance the rules of engagement looks like from the perspective of the US army, everybody can watch in the video Collateral Murder. When dealing with prisoners, the U.S. and its lackeys set long-lasting standards on human rights, too: torture like in Abu Ghraib , spontaneous killings like in Baghdad and mass executions like in Dasht-i-Leili are typical features of the human rights standard of the NATO’s leading power USA.

Now Libya is going to get human rights in accordance with NATO standards.

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