Libya to get the NATO standard of human rights now

How the NATO standard of human rights looks like, the murderous bombing near Kunduz on September 4th, 2009, has shown to the world. How action for human rights in compliance the rules of engagement looks like from the perspective of the US army, everybody can watch in the video Collateral Murder. When dealing with prisoners, the U.S. and its lackeys set long-lasting standards on human rights, too: torture like in Abu Ghraib , spontaneous killings like in Baghdad and mass executions like in Dasht-i-Leili are typical features of the human rights standard of the NATO’s leading power USA.

Now Libya is going to get human rights in accordance with NATO standards.

In Benghazi the administrative boss of the local U.S. lackeys, Abdul Karim Basama, just told the German magazine SPIEGEL, that the armed government opponents held in power there with humanitarian NATO bombs treat their political opponents – of course – in compliance with the NATO standard of human rights:

SPIEGEL: Is it true that a list was published with all names of Ligan Thauria, a kill list with 7200 people?
Basama: Es gibt viele Listen, wissen Sie. Basama: There are many lists, you know.
SPIEGEL: Are these lists public or private?
Basama: Nein, ehrlich gesagt, hat der Übergangsrat wenig damit zu tun. Basama: No, frankly, the Transitional Council has little to do with that. These young people from the Revolution make their own decisions. We can only try to coordinate that. Some lawyers in the court try that no one is arrested without legal procedure, too. But in the case of war it is difficult to control.
SPIEGEL: Can we speak with these prisoners?
SPIEGEL: So we cannot speak with them.
Basama: There is a possibility, but … sorry, I’m back here in ten minutes.
He didn’t come back.

On February 24th, shortly after the beginning of the reactionary regime-change experiment in Libya sponsored by CIA and MI6, the British Telegraph already reported some more details regarding the observance of human rights by the NATO-backed government opponents in the east of Libya:

Ahmed Ahmed Ibrahim showed video footage he had captured on his mobile telephone of an African mercenary hanging from a meat-hook in an Al Bayda doorway. … Masquerarding as pro-Gaddafi partisans, they duped the mercenaries, who were described as French-speaking Africans, captured them and then dragged them into the streets of Al Bayda … Mr Ibrahim, who works in a cafe, said he believes most were executed although he only witnessed two slain foreigners.

The criterion „African“ here does not refer – of course, because all Libyans are Africans – to an African origin, but to the color of the skin: „African“ here means people with black skin. What the Telegraph described is the standard of human rights compliance applied to people with black skin, which the CIA-backed „rebels“ had identified as „foreign mercenaries“. The British Guardian reported from Benghazi previously that after there were caught 50 African mercenaries and two Libyan co-conspirators, they were locked into a police station and then they were burned alive there. It also reported that other opponents of the rebels uprising had been executed in Derna.

Human Rights Watch shortly after sent someone to the east of Libya, and there he found out that all the 156 captured people, which the rebels described as „African mercenaries“, were in fact not foreign mercenaries, but Libyans with black skin color, and that they served as regular soldiers in the Army of Libya. Human Rights Watch found no indication that the Libyan government, as claimed by the rebels, used mercenaries at all to quell the uprising in eastern Libya.

The actually existing strong support for Muamar Gaddafi by black-skinned Libyans Human Rights Watch expained with the fact that Muamar Gaddafi did a lot in the past to end the discrimination against black people in Libya. So it’s understandable that the rebels hunted black-skinned people and, regardless whether they were Libyan soldiers or foreign refugees of poverty, executed them as a precautionary measure if possible.

But with the gradual recovery of control by government forces over areas held by the likeable rebels in the east of Libya there was a threat that the human rights there could erode with an armistice and a peace treaty. And in the case of government forces regaining control some of the counter-revolutionary rebels supported by CIA and MI6 were even threatened with punishment for their involvement in humanitarian executions of black-skinned people and opponents of the government. It was clear that a NATO intervention must help to avert this nightmare scenario and prevent the violation of human rights. And so NATO has, for the protection of human rights, bombed in the vicinity of the Libyan capital Tripoli – 1000 km away from Benghazi – peoples‘ homes and sent by this means – in a total humanitarian way – many civilians into kingdom to come.

The bombs and missiles which the U.S fired upon Libya contain „Depleted Uranium“. That leads to the widespread nuclear poisening of the targeted soil and to the intoxication of all iving beings breathing the toxic dust even 100s of kilometers away. Pictures of the consequences of the use of Depleted Uranium can be found via Google.

There is simply nothing above human rights in accordance with the NATO standard.

Appendix: here is a short video showing how the Libyan „rebels“ treat black people:

Yes, we can. That’s how Obama’s new Libyan friends treat black people.

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