Some more pictures about what’s happening in Libya

As the western mass media are unwilling to tell the truth about NATO’s predatory war of aggression against Libya, former US congresswoman Cynthia McKinney traveled to Libya and brought home some pictures.

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Speech of Muammar Gaddafi to a crowd in Tripoli on July, 1st, 2011 – video and fulltext english transcript

Yesterday, Friday, July 1st, 2011, the leader of the Libyan revolution Muammar Gaddafi addressed via telephone a very large crowd of hundreds of thousands of people, which gathered in Tripoli in support of revolution leader Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan government. Here is a video of that speech.

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Libyan „rebels“ lay landmines

A whole month it’s now ago since NATO decided to bomb Libya. In the meantime on Libya was – under the pretext of the protection of people – dropped virtually the entire European NATO stocks of laser bombs. Countless people were thereby murdered and large parts of Libya have been radioactively posioned for a long time by the depleted uranium contained in NATO’s bombs.

For anyone who has eyes to see and a head to think it is clear that NATO is not after protecting people. The leaders of the warring NATO allies even say it openly, what they are really after, „Gaddafi must go“ , or „regime change“ and thereby they deliberately stifle any opportunity for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Only slowly the public in the warring NATO countries understands that they are systematically lied upon Libya and that the NATO is not bombing Libya to protect people, but actually NATO is just running a long pre-planned predatory war of aggression against Libya. More and more it appears that, while charges against the Libyan government taken as reasons for war are wrong, that the NATO-sponsored „rebels“ perpetrate the very crimes that the Libyan government is falsely accused of.

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Libya – another war for Israel

Any reasonable observer of political events has understood clearly that Mearsheimer and Walt were right in their analysis that Israel – although it has masked it well – was the main reason for the war on Iraq, for the sake of enforcement of the concept paper „A Clean Break„, which laid out the domination plans of the Zionist apartheid regime. The war of aggression against Libya seems to be hardly different. Here, too, an important reason for the attack is the wish of the Zionist apartheid regime, to go a step further to build a Greater Israel despite threats of peace enforcement.

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Libya to get the NATO standard of human rights now

How the NATO standard of human rights looks like, the murderous bombing near Kunduz on September 4th, 2009, has shown to the world. How action for human rights in compliance the rules of engagement looks like from the perspective of the US army, everybody can watch in the video Collateral Murder. When dealing with prisoners, the U.S. and its lackeys set long-lasting standards on human rights, too: torture like in Abu Ghraib , spontaneous killings like in Baghdad and mass executions like in Dasht-i-Leili are typical features of the human rights standard of the NATO’s leading power USA.

Now Libya is going to get human rights in accordance with NATO standards.

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