2012 Top-Ten Hatemongering / Zionist Slurs

Instead of a Foreword: To follow up the rules set by the Simon Wiesenthal Center we did not label this list „Wanted – Dead or alive!“ If someone will interpret the list of Simon Wiesenthal Center this way, and criminal action happens accordingly we are pretty sure, the Simon Wiesenthal Center would say that this was not intended and so do we.

Mein Parteibuch Center – Leadership with Global Reach

2012 Top-Ten Hatemongering / Zionist Slurs

1. The Israel Lobby

Today effectively rules the Western world’s largest and most important nations

Barack Obama, Ruler of the strongest stronghold of the Israel Lobby:

Well, look, there’s no doubt that Iran is much weaker now than it was a year ago, two years ago, three years ago. The Arab Spring, as bumpy as it has been, represents a strategic defeat for Iran … Well, nothing that I can tell you, because your classified clearance isn’t good enough. (Laughter.)“

Comment: In an interview with a Zionist leader and prison guard published on March 2, 2012 in a Zionist hasbara outlet Barack Obama bragged about how good his policies laid out in his secret „Presidential Study Directive 11“ work out in favor of the zionist apartheid regime while at the same time these regime change policies based on propaganda lies, false-flag-terror and air strikes already caused more than a hundered thousand dead people in the arab world, especially in Libya and in Syria.

2. The Zionist Regime

Benyamin Netanyahu, Prime minister of Israel

At this late hour, there is only one way to peacefully prevent Iran from getting atomic bombs and that’s by placing a clear red line on Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Red lines don’t lead to war. Red lines prevent war.

Cartoonist Benyamin Netanyahu, on September 27, 2012, speaking to the UN. After Benyamin Netanyahu spread lies about non-existing WMDs in Iraq earlier, and they successfully led to the death of more than one million Iraqi people, he tries to cover himself in a blanket of peace and spreads his new old lie on Iran to cause many more people to die from war to be able to continue the Zionist colonialization process, and this time he even seeks a war of aggression accompanied by nuclear radiation.

3. Anders Behring Breivik

Norwegian Terrorist

Dear Sister Beate, You did everything to stop the multiculturalism and the Islamization of Germany. (You are a) courageous heroine of national resistance.

Staunch zionist, staunch supporter of Israel and convicted mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik lauded Beate Zshaepe, the bride in a German trio of Nazis, in a letter out of his prison cell for randomly killing innocent people of Muslim faith in Germany.

4. The Simon Wiesenthal Center

Human Rights Organization

During the recent conflict instigated by Hamas against the Jewish state, the Brazilian cartoonist slandered Israel and her Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for doing what every world leader would do against the onslaught of rocket attacks targeting innocent civilians.

In a widely distributed hasbara pamphlet the Simon Wiesenthal Center recently called the zionist apartheid regime „the Jewish state“ – thus equating the zionist regime with all people of jewish faith. By doing so the Simon Wiesenthal Center takes all people of jewish faith hostage for the crimes committed by the zionist apartheid regime against the Palestinian people forgotten by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Furthermore in doing so the Simon Wiesenthal Center deflects the anger of the world public stemming from the crimes of the zionist apartheid regime against all the innocent people of jewish faith and thereby massively contributes to world wide anti-semitism.

5. Ayman al-Zawahri

Leader of Al Qaeda organisation

„Wounded Syria is still bleeding day after day, and the butcher isn’t deterred and doesn’t stop … However, the resistance of our people in Syria is escalating and growing despite all the pains, sacrifices and blood.“

As usual, Al Qaeda and it’s leaders assist the western world and the zionist regime to deflect world wide criticism from the zionist apartheid regime and its colonialisation process by calling for mulims to kill muslims and arabs. And, also as usual, it’s the zionist SITE organisation and the collaborating zionist media that’s spreading the hatemongering message of this wahhabi-zionist terrorist organisation around the world.

6. Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah

Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia

Destroy all churches in the Arabian Peninsula!

The top cleric of the Israel Lobby’s Saudi colony called upon his wahhabi-zionist fellows in March 2012 to destroy all churches in the Arabian Peninsula, so that the wahhabi and zionist US-embassy temples – which he wants to be unharmed – won’t have no comptetion by temples of christian worshippers in the future.

7. Sheikh Adnan Al-Arour

Wahhabi televangelist

Burn the trees, burn the stones, take out the woods, in the villages, burn it, those who have gas burn it on the streets, put gasoline, tyres to make whole of Damascus burn

The spiritual leader of Israels fighters in Syria sits in Saudi Arabia and regularly spreads hatemongerging sermons like this one aired in July 2012 over Saudi satellite channels like Safa TV.

8. Abdullah Bozkurt

Turkish columnist at Today’s Zaman

What Qazi did not predict at the time is that Americans would go overboard in their concessions to Tehran interests, eventually turning a major Arab country into an Iranian proxy state at the expense of Turkey, Pakistan and other Sunni monarchies in the Gulf.

In December 2012, Abdullah Bozkurt, who is as close to the Turkish prime minister Recep Erdogan as a puppet could be to a ventriloquist, spread sectarian hatemongering to prevent an American-Iranian deal ending the bloodshed in Afghanistan when the bloodthirst of the wahhabi-zionists is not yet satisfied there after more than 30 years of war.

9. Henryk Marcin Broder

German Hasbarist

Henryk Broder labeled Jakob Augstein a „little Streicher“ adding: „Jakob Augstein is not a salon anti-Semite, he’s a pure anti-Semite…an offender by conviction who only missed the opportunity to make his career with the Gestapo because he was born after the war. He certainly would have had what it takes.“

Hasbarist Henryk Broder regularly smears people concerned with human rights in the most despictable terms, often using Nazi slurs like the one quoted above from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

10. Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani

Qatari Emir and owner of hasbara outlet „Al Jazeera“

Arabs must intervene in Syria … (out of) national, humanitarian, political and military duties

Zionist puppet-dictator Al Thani has an interest to build a pipeline through Syria so he can sell his gas to British zionists without going through a costly process of liquidifying it to LNG. He and his hasbara station spearheaded by a notoriously hatemongering teleevangelist named Yusuf Qaradawi regularly advocate war and bloodshed against the Syrian people like this one quoted above.

Finally we want to laud ourselves for desisting the temptation to name this list „Top Ten leaders of the community of Western values.“

We invite members of the public to forward and republish this carefully conducted study by the Mein Parteibuch Center on racism, hatemongering, hasbara, wahhabism and zionism.