Libya – another war for Israel

Any reasonable observer of political events has understood clearly that Mearsheimer and Walt were right in their analysis that Israel – although it has masked it well – was the main reason for the war on Iraq, for the sake of enforcement of the concept paper „A Clean Break„, which laid out the domination plans of the Zionist apartheid regime. The war of aggression against Libya seems to be hardly different. Here, too, an important reason for the attack is the wish of the Zionist apartheid regime, to go a step further to build a Greater Israel despite threats of peace enforcement.

Shimon Peres, who was already at the criminal war of aggression against Iraq at the forefront, declared on 21. February, just before the CIA-led operation to overthrow Muamar Gaddafi started – that there will be „a Libya without Gaddafi“.

Since then, Israeli leaders went almost completely mute on Libya, just us they did, when the U.S. attacked Iraq on behalf of Israel. Now, since the war against Libya is in full swing and the use of ground troops is imminent, Israeli politicians try to give once more the impression as if they were rather uninterested in the war against Libya – and they would have preferred that NATO would have launched a war of aggression against Syria and Iran instead.

But Diana Johnstone just showed on Counterpunch, that it was Bernard-Henri Lévy, who persuaed Nicolas Sarkozy to attack Libya. Bernard-Henri Lévy is in France the Zionist top agent par excellence. Bernard-Henri Lévy has never had something else in mind than the enforcement of the interests of the Zionist rogue state. To this end he did not shy away in the past from spreading the most primitive lies.

The fact that it was the media mogul Bernard-Henri Lévy, who made NATO to go to war against Libya, is a n unmistakable sign that – although Israel obscured it’s role once again – it’s the zionist apartheid regime, that is one of the most important forces behind the war against Libya, which runs – once more – contrary to the U.S. strategic interests.

The reason for the war is essentially the very same as the reason for the war on Iraq: while as a side effect an opponent of the racist zionist ideology of colonialisation is taken out, the main effect is that the world keeps looking at the fraudulent U.S. war of aggression, and in the meantime Israel can largely undisturbed continue to follow it’s path towards greater Israel stealing more land and killing more Palestinians on easily debunked pretexts.

Addendum: Of course, Dieter Graumann, President Israels ZdJ in Germany, has outed himself as a strong supporter of the war against Libya.

Addendum 2: In the United States, essentially the same Zionist criminal gang of PNAC, which in 2002 organized the U.S. war against Iraq, organized now pressure on Obama to push him to war against Libya.