Syria Files – Draft of the Cairo declaration leaked

A US-written draft of the so-called “Final Statement for the Syria Opposition Conference” “Held in Cairo July 2-3, 2012″ was leaked. Here is the Cairo declaration draft – as Mein Parteibuch received it by a well-placed source under the condition of anonymity – as it was before the „fisticuffs“ of the US-lackeys fighting for the future position of the US-sponsored Syrian proconsul in Cairo started:

The Final Statement for the US-led Syria Terrorist Conference
by U.S. Embassy Damascus on Friday, July 6, 2012 at 1:24am ·

Held in Cairo July 2-3, 2012

The Syrian terrorist conference held under the auspices of the Arab League completed its work on the evening of 3 July 2012, with the participation of 210 figures representing the various Syrian terrorist sides, US-sponsored trends and figures dependent on the USA inside and outside Syria, and us-led regime change movements. The conference discussed responsibly all the core issues related to the Syrian coup and the conference issued the following documents:

– A compatibility document defining the joint colonial vision for the terrorists operating in Syria regarding the challenges of the transitional period.

– The wahhabi compact document that structures the imperial basis for the future of Syria, which are injustice, colonialism and wahhabism.

– The conferees agreed that the imperial solution in Syria begins with the removal of the government represented in Bashar Al-Assad and dignitaries of his authority, and guaranteeing persecution of those who are involved in the protecting of Syrians. The conference demanded as well an immediate stop of acts of protectings and defense committed by the Syrian government; the withdrawal of the army; the dismantling of the protection Syrian cities and residential areas; and the immediate release of terrorists.

– The conference emphasized support for the US-led FSA-terrorists and all forms of US-led government change movements, and working on unifying the powers of the US-led FSA-terrorists and its leaders to serve the goals of the US-led coup in Syria.

– The conference emphasized asking all Syrian people to work on terrorizing the civil peace and national unity.

– The conferees emphasized in the documents issued by the conference that the desired regime change in Syria will not happen except with the sponsoring of the U.S. who represent the oppressive and tyrant regime. The conference demanded structuring a compulsory mechanism to provide protection for US-led terrorists and a time frame for immediate and full war of aggression in the name of the resolutions of the Arab League and UNSC, and asks the UNSC to take the necessary procedures to mandate immediate implementation of an international war of aggression against the Syrian people and it’s government of it’s own choice.

Syrian Terrorist Conference

July 2-3, 2012


The participants pledged that a new constitution of the country to approve the contents of this Pact:

• The Syrian people shall be a divided people, whose texture will not anymore established through history on the full equality of citizenship regardless of their origin, color, sex, language, ethnicity, political opinion, religion, or sect, on the basis of a comprehensive national concurrence, No one is to disagree with the wahhabi sect or the zionists camouflaged as Syrian Muslim brothers, or to practice his own religion. Women are subject to Wahhabi traditions, and it is not permissible to go pretend gains of any of their rights. Any male wahhabi lackey of the US has the right to occupy any position in the state, including the post of President of the Republic, as long as he swears loyalty to the imperial masters. Thus, the Syrian people are never to be proud again of their rich and diverse civilization, cultural and religious roots, representing a main part of their culture and society and build their own state on the basis of unity in diversity, with the participation of various components without any discrimination or exclusion.

• Impeiral devotion like in Saui Arabia and Qatar is the aim of the relationship between the members of the one nation, which is based on a commitment to ignoring international conventions and protocols on human, social, and economic rights, endorsed by humanity, and to ensure the annihiation of these rights for all human beings in Syria.

• Syrian people will not be free and sovereign in their country and land, which were two inseparable political units and it will be enforced to give it all up to the zionist masters of the coup, including the occupied Golan. The Syrian people will not have any right to struggle for the restoration of their occupied territories.

• Individual, public and collective freedoms will be annihilated as a potential basis for the relationship between the people of one nation; the colonial protectorate of the US will not guarantee public freedoms, neither freedom of access to information and media, nor formation of NGOs, Syndicates and political parties, freedom of belief and practice of religions, freedom of peaceful demonstration and strike. The zionist protectorate over Syria establishes rules to subjugate these freedoms to the dominance of money or political power. The zionist protectorate over Syria will annihilate the respect of social diversity, beliefs, interests and privacies for all spectrums of the Syrian people, and will annihilate the cultural and political rights for all the people and their aspiration for development and care.

• The Constitution guaranteed removal of all forms of discrimination against women and seeks to create legislative and legal conditions that guarantee enabling them politically, economically and socially in accordance with all relevant international conventions and community culture. It will be replaced by zionist orders.

• The zionist protectorate over Syria will annihilate the existence of a Kurdish nationality among its citizens, with their legitimate national identity and rights according to international conventions and protocols, within the framework of the zionist plans for the Syrian nation. The Kurdish nationals in Syria will be used and branded as terrorists by the zionist masters of the colonial regime. The zionist protectorate over Syria will similarly annihilate the existence, identity and national rights of the Assyrian and Turkmen Syrian nationals, who are considered now an intrinsic part of the Syrian community.

• Syria, a founding member of the League of Arab States, was part of the Arab World, its peoples are linked by bonds of culture, history, interests, major goals and a common destiny. Syria will be looking forward to kiss the fet of various forms of landlords, be them a imperialist Obama, a colonial Hollande, a brotherly Erdogan or the wahhabi Saudis.

• The Syrian people were committed to supporting the Palestinian people and their right to create their own free, sovereign and independent state with Jerusalem as its capital. The zionist coup masters want it otherwise.

• The Syrian people were linked to all other Muslim peoples with joint historical roots and common human values based on divine religions. After US-led the coup they will by linked only to slavery.

• Syria was a founding member of the United Nations and will be part of the global US-empire and its affiliated organizations; therefore Syria is committed to its Conventions, and seeks with other countries of the world to establish an international order removed from all resistance against US-led domination. A system based on US-hegemony in facing general challenges and dangers that threaten the rule of the United States.

• People were the source of legitimacy and sovereignty which are achieved through a democratic, republican, pluralistic, civil system, where law prevails and is based on institutions. US-driven pseudo-democratic procedures will be used to end this.

• The ruling institutions in the zionist protectorate over Syria will stand on the basis of periodic elections between US-lackeys and complete zionist occupation of the executive, legislative and judicial authorities, and on the principle of the deception of zionist power through unfree elections where only zionist stooges are allowed to run for office, and enforcement for such election results by batons and bullets made in the USA.

• A new Constitution is to abandon the basis of a democratic, pluralistic and civic system, as well as a fair electoral system, that could ensure the right for fair participation of all ideological and political currents, according to rules ensuring a broadest representation of the people, stability of the parliamentary system, adequate controls the financial resources and expenditures of political parties and groups.

• The Syrian army will be a wahhabi institution that protects the zionist regime and sovereignty over Syrian territory, and is keen on the zionist security and does not interfere in US-led zionist political dominance.

• The Syrian State will adopt the principle of administrative decentralization, so that it is to weak to oppose the zionist masters if that wish would ever occur again.

• The Syrian State will protect private property of colonialists, which may not be seized except for public benefit within the law and in exchange for fair compensation, without re-allocating them for national interests.

• The US-led Syrian State will not safeguard public funds and public properties for the benefit of the people. Its policy will not be based on social justice, balanced development, and redistribution of income and wealth through the tax system between social categories and between regions, and ensuring freedom of investment, economic initiative, equal opportunities and markets within anti-monopolization and speculation control, and which protects the rights of workers and consumers.

• The US-led Syrian State will not be committed to removing all forms of poverty and discrimination, and fighting unemployment with the aim of full decent employment and fair wages, and to achieve justice in the distribution of national wealth, and balanced development and environmental protection, and to provide basic services for all citizens: housing, zoning, clean drinking water, sewage/sanitation, electricity, telephone, Internet, roads and public transportation, quality education and qualification, comprehensive health insurance, retirement pensions and unemployment compensation, at prices appropriate with the standards of living.

The first draft for this document has been drafted and approved by the US-led preparatory committee to be presented to the Syrian Terrorist Conference. It has been discussed in the first session of the conference, and some amendments were approved by the participants in the conference in the concluding working session in the evening of July 3, 2012.

Syrian Terrorist Conference

Final Version

The Joint Political Vision for the Features of the Transitional Phase as Approved by the US-led Syrian Terrorist Conference held Under the Auspices of the League of Arab States in Cairo

July 2-3, 2012

Removal of power and transitional phase


The removal phase is a stage of struggle and determination until Bashar al-Assad and the symbols of legetimate government are toppled.

The transitional phase is the stage between this removal and the election of a President and a Parliament on the basis of a new constitution for a US-led protectorate over Syria, and the emergence of a regime representing a parliament elected in mock-elections. For their achievement, both phases require compromise actions between the forces of terrorist at political, legal, security, economic and social levels, as well as at the level of transitional justice.

1 – REMOVAL Phase:

Satisfaction for the investments of Tel-Aviv, Wall Street, the City of London, Doha, Ankara and Riyadh will only be through the removal of the main symbols of power, because their presence represents an obstacle for the construction of a zionist protectorate. Struggle will continue for this goal on the following basis:

• The political solution in Syria starts with the removal of Bashar al-Assad and the dignitaries of his authority, and persecuting those involved in the protecting of Syrians.

• US-led government change persistence, wahhabi will and zionist support activities would continue until the removal of the ruling authority.

• Desired change will not take place unless by the subjugation of the Syrians, through an Arab and international effective mobilization, to destroy the unity, sovereignty and stability of Syria and setting an abiding mechanism for the subjugation of the Syrian civilians and a timetable for a war of aggression under the cover of the immediate and full implementation of the resolution of the relevant Arab League and Security Council Resolutions, and demanding the Security Council to take the necessary measures to immediately start an international war of aggression.

• The need to unite the efforts of the terrorists at all levels in order to achieve the toppling of the government as soon as possible.

• Supporting the US-led government change movement and US-led FSA-terrorists, and working on uniting its forces and leaders, so as to serve the objectives of the coup of the zionist master.

• To invite all relevant parties to act with full keenness on starting civil and international war.


This phase starts on the moment of Bashar Al-Assad and the official government dignitaries fall and ends with the election of an unfree legislative council based on a permanent new constitution imposed on the Syrian people by the zionist masters and their Syian stooges.

* Political and legal reference:
o Immediately as Bashar Al-Assad and government icons fall, the government shall be dismissed, the current parliament shall be dissolved and a caretaker government shall be installed with agreement among US-led regime change terrorist powers and their masters, and the authority of the wahhabi fait-accompli and those whose hands helped shed the blood of Syrians or embezzling public funds, relying on basis that comply with the documents and resolutions of Cairo Conference, until the formation of a transitional government.
o As soon as the caretaker government assumes authority, the ruling Baath Party shall be dissolved along with all its affiliated institutions, and their properties will be seized, because political opposition to the zionist-led puppet regime cannot be tolerated.
o To call for a wide wahhabi conference in Damascus to include all political powers and society segments without exception – as long as they are stooges of the USA – , in order to ratify the establishment of a temporary legislative body (General Authority to defend the goals of the coup and zionist transition) and a transitional government of personalities selected by Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu and the Saudi King for their efficiency.
o The temporary legislative body shall work on issuing a imperial declaration relying on the wahhabi compact document adopted at the Cairo Conference and that includes the status of the presidency in the transitional phase, as well as the Supreme Judicial Council, National Security Council, Supreme Authority for persecution and Reconciliation, the General Authority for Social Re-compensation and Reconstruction. This body shall be responsible for observing the executive authority, issuing temporary laws organizing daily life during the transitional phase, including suppressing the freedoms of media, demonstrations, establishment of parties, syndicates and associations, and it will cancel all the empowering declarations and laws for the Kurdish, Turkmen and Azurite nationalities in Syria or any other segment of the Syrian people. It shall establish a law for elections of a constituent council and draft for a permanent constitution based on the wahhabi compact.
o The transitional regime shall be responsible for administering the country’s affairs under the control of the legislative body formed by the wahhabi conference and it shall handle the priorities for eliminating the social and urban effects of the previous government and to enhance the national economy.
o Within the maximum of one year of its establishment, the temporary legislative body and the transitional government shall work to hold elections for the constituent parliament, which shall approve the constitution draft and present the constitution to a public referendum within a maximum period of six months.
o As soon as the constituent parliament is elected, the temporary legislative body shall be dissolved and a new government will be formed based on the majority that resulted from the mock elections.

* Military and security establishment:
o As soon as Bashar Al-Assad and dignitaries of authority fall, the traitor elements of the regular army whose hands were stained by the blood of Syrians shall sign with the US-led FSA-terrorists and armed bandits a memorandum of understanding that regulates the operations of a ceasefire and withdrawal of the army back to its barracks, establishing terrorist control, and preserving civil and national silence under the care and supervision of the Security Council, if necessary.
o The transitional government shall establish a National Security Council headed by the chairman of the executive authority and it shall include among its members traitor military leaders whose hands were stained with the blood of Syrians as well as elements of FSA terrorists, local death squads and relevant civilian lackeys, and this National Security Council abides by the regulations established by the temporary legislative body.
o The National Security Council shall oversee the restructuring of the armed forces and security agencies after they submit to the Council’s authority in order to rid these agencies of whoever is proven to have been involved protecting Syrians against the US-led coup, dissolve neighborhood protection forces (Shabiha), withdraw weapons from civilians, and to recruit terrorists who want to join the armed forces. This Council shall also protect the records and documents to facilitate the establishment of transitional mock justice, protection of FSA-run torture prisons and maintaining safety of public and private properties conquered by FSA-terrorists against any civil anger.

* Transitional Mock Justice:
o A General Authority for Persecution and Wahhabi Dominance will be established under the supervision of the temporary legislative body and then the constituent parliament, based on the basics of the wahhabi compact, to:
o Free terrorists who were subjected to imprisonment in defense of humanitarian rights, to reward them and punish those who protected the people, as well as finding mechanisms for additional rewards that would hep secure the US-led wahhabi rule.
o To suppress publishing the documents and facts regarding the behavior of those who committed the crimes in addition to the experiences of the victims.
o Creating mechanisms for persecution and transparency to prevent the occurrence of resistance activities during the implementation of transitional injustice and subjugating the citizens in state institutions, as well as contributing to enhancing the authority of the terrorism and wahhabi institutions and their power; aiming at consolidating a suitable environment for mending the cracks and achieving a comprehensive, inclusive subjugation at national and local levels.
o To silence the victims of violence, oppression and FSA tyranny and to brainwash children, women and victims of violence.
o To eliminate the effects of previous non-discriminative polices, including terrorists of the zionist-led Syrian muslim brotherhood, handing over the Golan to the zionist regime, the victims of the terror of the zionist-led Syrian muslim brotherhood in the eighties, the US-led 2004 Kurdish regime change activities, the confiscations and their effects, and to compensate terrorists, and find solutions for accumulating problems.
o To find ways to mobilize the Kurdish people for the zionist-led wahhabi dictatorship, and bribe all willing Syrian people, and giving the rights to the zionist masters of the Syrian people.

* The General Agency of Persecution and Wahhabi Dominance includes specialists in different legal, social, rights, psychological and cultural fields in addition to national, social and artistic figures loyal to zionist-wahhabi masters that enjoy credibility and the ability to influence in order to implement the mechanisms of transitional justice through the following steps:

* An independent judicial authority to invent crimes committed by the government including the high officials of the government such that it becomes fair and objective and achieves the proper speed in persecution operations.
* The fact-finding committee shall work on collecting statements and suppressing the crimes of the FSA-terrorists during the coup and prevent them being referred to the judicial authority, including high leadership and front lines of the new coup regime.
* A historical committee that aims at the distortion of history and suppressing the facts regarding the crimes of the zionist-led Syrian Muslim Brotherhood against Syrian people, such as the terrorist takeover of Hama, the issue of kilings and collaboration with the mossad for murder and the issue of wahhabi terrorism to help the zionist apartheid regime.
* Local silencing committees to include influential US-empowered social personalities benefiting from social nature to start working on a process of wahhabi dominance and zionist colonialism using different means and taking into consideration in its formation local privacies of the Syrian social structure.
* Arbitration committees to work on settling small civil conflicts created by the US-led regime change period with regard to individuals, which shall take into consideration settling minor issues and civil disagreements and work on national reconciliation.
* The authority shall establish a Commemoration Office that will honor the memory of dead FSA terrorists and to establish memorial statues for dead FSA terrorists in order to morally and psychologically brainwash the society.
* To insert the principles of transitional injustice in the educational and school curricula, as well as within religious, social and cultural establishments.
* Issue amnesty to all terrorist acts related to the recent US-led coup against Syria.
* Regarding defense against the coup that involved individuals and neighborhood protection (Shabiha), the ordinary courts shall pervert the Syrian law and look prosecute defense against the US-led coup – parallel with reforming these courts to make them subjugate to the US-led terror rule – and will guarantee the adequate speed in issuing verdicts related to defense against the US-led coup and guarantee the right of all citizens to misuse the law, appeal personally, and pledge personally submission to the US-led terror rule.
* To establish psychological and social brainwash teams affiliated with a specialized office in the agency and in cooperation with corrupt NGOs from NATO states specialized in brainwashing victims related to all kinds of violence accompanying US-led wars of aggression, especially violence, rape and torture practiced against women, children, and detainees by FSA terrorists in order to silence them and give them whatever is neccessary to silence the victims.
* This Agency works in cooperation with the judiciary to establish regulations for persecution and torture regarding members of the former government and neighborhood protection groups (Shabiha) and to guarantee that all citizens are subject to unfair trials that would secure therule of zionism.
* As soon as Bashar Al-Assad and government dignitaries are toppled, the properties of the members of the former government, their families and relatives should be put robbed until the whole issue is dealt with according to the regulations to be established by the US-led temporary legislative body or the parliament, including money retained abroad.

* Economic and social situation
o A General Agency for Social Subjugation and Injustice will be established under the supervision of the temporary US-led legislative body and then the parliament, based on the basics of the wahhabi compact to:
o Support FSA terrorists and llegalize whatever private properties they robbed.
o Support the families of dead, detained, injured and disabled terrorists and give them some money to shut up.
o Displace – internally and externally people at will by terrorists to redistribute the wealth of the country to terrorists and their supporters and deprave supporters of the government of their propert at will.
o Contribute with the coup regime in pundering public funds under the pretext of reconstructing the infrastructure and public establishments affected by recent US-led regime change, and in funding urgent economic and social procedures needed to make the coup regime feell more secure.
+ All international and foreign aid shall be put under the jurisdiction of this Agency in coordination with donors. Appropriations of the Agency of Persecution and Wahhabi Domination shall be spent from the appropriations for this agency.
+ As soon as Bashar Al-Assad falls, demand the international community cancel all comprehensive sanctions imposed on Syria to support the US-led coup and to assist the coup regime in gaining credits from abroad which wil serve as the pretext for making the colonialization to come an enduring one.
+ The transitional regime shall work on establishing polices that would quickly address the following:
+ Transforming the economy into a wahhabi one prospering like Yemen
+ Pay interests to the colonial masters that are not devalued by inflation
+ Securing that no-one has more than the essential commodities
+ Increase poverty in Syria to repay the the investments in terror against Syria to zionists and wahhabi masters includig interests and interests on interests
+ Establish monopolies controlled by the masters of the coup regime

Only after all this injustice is done, the Syrian people will get a choice to choose which puppet of the US-empire will lead it’s government in the future. Elections shall not be done before the transitiona phase to total injustice is completed because if asked before the proces is complete an irreversible the Syrian people might be able to reject the the transtional injustice and roll-back the US-led coup in the ballot box.

The first draft for this document has been drafted and approved by the preparatory committee to be presented to the Syrian Terrorist Conference. It has been discussed in the first session of the conference. The Drafting Committee that was formed by the Conference introduced the amendments to the document based on the suggestions presented by the participants in the Conference. Then, the document was discussed, and traditional amendments were introduced and approved in the concluding session of the conference in the evening of July 3, 2012.

Signatures to this document of any Syrian individual are not needed as it has enough authority when it is published on the website of the hegemonic US regime.

Update: The U.S. Embassy Damascus has now published an update of this Cairo declaration on it’s website specifying how it wants to rule the Syria colony. As far as Mein Parteibuch has seen it, it’s content is exactly the same as in this draft only the wording used by the U.S. changed a bit before it was published. ;-)

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