Zionist-wahhabi terror collaboration in Yemen exposed

It’s long well known that the Saudis are behind the wahhabi networks terrorizing Yemen. And, of course, as everywhere, the Saudis in Yemen work closely together with their zionist masters from Wall Street and the City of London.

They even do not dare anymore to concede they infiltrated or make up the top ranks of „Al Qaeda“ so they are able to direct US done stikes against those religiously mislead extremists opposing US imperialism. While much of the world changed since the time of British terrorist Lawrence of Arabia mastering wahhabi terror attacks in the arabic world – to this very day the coalition of the Saudis with their imperialist masters from Wall Street and the City of London did not change at all.

Mankind can only hope that the time will come soon for the Faithful Brothers of Hijaz to liberate Arabia and the world from the wahhabist Saudi fraud.