15 years 9/11

Today is the 15th anniversary of the warm demolition of the WTC asbestos towers, the blowing up of the anti-terrorism center and the SEC in WTC 7 and the destruction of many documents about corruption in high establishment positons in the accounting department of the Pentagon, aka 9/11.

The officially binding version of these events was combined in a short 5-minute video almost five years ago:

During the course of the past year things have moved a little bit moved with respect to the public perception of 9/11. After interested observers had already noticed in the last five years of the terror war against Syria that Al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia and Israel are close partners, during the last year the public learned that for 14 years the US government kept secret 28 pages of a Congressional report, which show based on well-established facts that Saudi government employees were involved in 9/11.

The publication of the 28 pages was the first official demonstration that state agencies had their fingers in 9/11. State bodies of foreign states were involved in 9/11, as it was asserted on the part of the US government before. But as the 28 pages have shown again US President George W. Bush and his administration acted against what they knew and accused the wrong state, primarily Iraq, of involvement in 9/11. On the other hand, the evidence pointing to Saudi Arabia was kept secret by the US government.

As public awareness of Saudi state involvement in 9/11 has grown the US Congress recently passed a bill on limiting state immunity, that is designed in a way that it should be possible for victims of 9/11 and their families to sue Saudi Arabia for damages for 9/11. The bill is not yet law as US President Barack Obama has threatened to veto the bill, which would mean that both chambers of the US Congress must vote again on the bill and pass the bill with a 2/3 majority in each chamber to override the veto. However that process may play out it should not be expected that public awareness about the involvement of the Saudi state in 9/11 can be locked back into the bottle again. This bottle is uncorked now and it won’t be resealed easily.

While the grown public awareness of Saudi state involvement in 9/11 is a remarkable progress, the public awareness still covers only the tip of the iceberg regarding the participation of state bodies in 9/11. The main unanswered question is, how can it be that the Saudis have so much influence in the US that they managed to keep the participation of the Saudi state in 9/11 a secret for about one and a half decades. The only plausible answer to this question is that the Saudis do not have so much political influence in the United States.

The only power wielding the necessary political influence in the United States in order to accomplish this is the entity of Israel, which has – by the way of using the powerful Israel lobby – effectively colonized the US. Obvious is the huge amount of power wielded by Israel and the Israel lobby not only in the serial regime changes and wars of aggression executed by the US in the interest of Israel, from Iraq via Libya and Ukraine to Syria, but also in the QME laws, with which Israel and the Israel lobby have managed to bind the nominal head of state of the United States by law to ensure the qualitative superiority of the Israeli military and to regularly report back on that. In the case of 9/11 the huge power of Israel and the Israel lobby can be seen in the fact that they managed to make it an absolute taboo to examine the many traces of Israeli involvement in 9/11.

Should it soon become an option to sue Saudi Arabia for damages for 9/11, then the possibility exists that the Saudi government would defend itself by naming the Israel lobby as instigators and accomplices and thus the Israeli role in 9/11 would get public attention. If that would happen the deeper intention of 9/11 would almost inevitably become known, that is creating a new Pearl Harbor to convince the US population of a series of US wars of aggression desired by Israel.

Of course, that’s far from certain, yet. Currently the Israel lobby throws all it’s available means of power to ensure that the candidate Hillary Clinton – who is totally dependent on jewish and pro Israel money – to become the next US President. Should the Israel Lobby succeed in making Hillary Clinton President – which is far from certain – she could then abuse her power as president to insulate Israel and the Israel lobby from the consequences of their crimes and to continue the wars desired by Israel to subdue the whole world under the domination of the zionist mafia.

Should Israel and the Israeli lobby fail with this move, there will be a realistic chance to to solve the 9/11 crime, but also to end the serial US wars of aggression in Israel’s interest. Whether this can be done before the current crimes of the Israeli lobby are covered by the cloak of history, however, you may doubt.

Today many young people already do not understand anymore why the elucidation of the now 15-year-old event 9/11 is important, just as older people do not understand anymore that the elucidation of the JFK assassination by Israel 53 years ago is an essential key to put a definite end to the power of the Israel lobby and the serial US wars of aggression caused by this lobby.

The elucidation of the facts would then happen only when the story has no relevance to the present anymore – as it is so often the case with history.

(This article is a translation of the German Parteibuch article „9/11 inzwischen 15 Jahre her„.)

2 Gedanken zu “15 years 9/11

  1. Welches Interesse sollte Saudi-Arabien an dem Abriss der 3 Türme gehabt haben? Ich sehe da überhaupt keinen Zusammmenhang.

    1. Berthold

      Die saudische Unterstützung für Al Kaida und 9/11 ist rückblickend strategisch schwer nachzuvollziehen, wenn nur auf die Ergebnisse und nicht auf die Absichten geschaut wird. Schließlich hat 9/11 den Weg für den US-Krieg gegen den Irak geebnet, wodurch mit Saddam Hussein ein sunnitischer Partner der Saudis – ein schwieriger Partner freilich, vor allem für GCC-Mitglied Kuwait, aber immerhin ein iranhassender Sunnit – entmachtet wurde und der Irak iranisches Einflussgebiet wurde.

      Der Schlüssel dürfte im oben eingebetteten Video von Wesley Clark liegen: 7 US-Kriege in 5 Jahren waren nach 9/11 geplant, und die allermeisten dieser Kriege gingen nicht nur gegen Kritiker Israels, sondern auch gegen saudische Kritiker und Rivalen, vor allem Libyen, Syrien und Iran. Hätte die USA diese 7 Kriege wie geplant geführt und gewonnen, dann hätte das den Saudis sehr gefallen. Damit, dass die USA schon beim Krieg gegen den Irak mit ihrem 7-Kriege-in-5-Jahren-Plan steckenbleiben würden, wurde nicht gerechnet.

      Weiterhin scheint es bei der saudischen Unterstützung für Al Kaida auch ein irrationales – aus Wahhabismus, Größenwahn und Sektierertum gespeistes – Element gegeben zu haben. Anders ist beispielsweise die Unterstützung von Al Kaida im NATO-besetzten Bosnien durch Prinz Salman, den heutigen saudischen König, kaum zu erklären.



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