Zahran Alloush – Prime suspect for the CW attack in Ghouta

Who is Zahran Alloush? Some links.

– Zahran Alloush is the son of the Syrian Salafi cleric Abdullah Mohammed Alloush based in Saudi exile, who is said to be close to the ruling Saudi family.

– Hold in Sednaya prison due to extremism, released in an amnesty 2011 granted by the Syrian government in response to protesters demands of releasing political prisoners

– Head of the „Islam Brigade“ based in Duma (it was later enlarged and named itself then „Islam Army“)

– Military chief for the Southern Front (incl Damascus) in the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army (SMC)

– After US didn’t strike Syria in September, on 24th September, Alloush built a formal alliance with other extremist groups including Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front which signed as number 1, but didn’t follow this „Islamist Alliance“ after sharp US criticism

– Abandoning the „Islamist Alliance“ idea, Alloush than built the Islamic Front (IF), which formally excludes Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front. Zahran Alloush’s title is head of military operations of the IF. The IF denounced the SNC, but with the SMC there is some room for ambiguity.

Previously known behaviour and Extremist believes of Zahran Alloush and his men

– Zahran Alloush’s Islam brigade took credibility for the high profile bomb attack that – among others – killed Syria’s defense minister in July 2012:

– In Agust 2012, Syrian state news agency SANA reported that a gang in Douma led by Zahran Alloush is gruesomely torturing and killing civilians there

– Videos previously published by these terrorists to blame the Syrian Army for their crimes, like mass executing hostages by slitting throats, indicate that this murderous group is especially active in the area Douma, Harasta, Barzeh and Qabon northeast of Damascus

– Zahran Alloush says he fights for a medieval caliphate ethnically cleaned of Shia, Alawites and Persian influence

– Zahran Alloush publically advocates torturing and murdering captured people he doesn’t like

Connection of Zahran Alloush’s group to CW stuff & PR prior to August 2013

– In May 2013 allegations and videos came up that the Syrian Army used chemical weapons in Adra, East Ghouta. The Videos were probably taken in Fuchs chemical company, that seems to be under control of Alloush’s Islam Brigade. It may be, that the videos were an attempt to invent a Syrian Army CW attack to spur US intervention, or that there was a mishap in handling CWs the terrorists themselves tried to make in that facility, what is likely a chemical company occupied by Liwa Islam. Many of these revealing chemical false flag videos were since deleted, but some of these images are still available.

– Mohammed Al-Saeed, the guy who took at least one of these videos from Adra is a friend of Zahran Alloush who posed with him at his wedding party.

– A man from Zahran Alloush’s Liwa al-Islam was in a group of extremists of Al Qaeda and Ahrar al Sham raided by Turkish police in spring 2013 for trying to buy large quantities of chemicals needed to make CWs

– A leading insurgent Youtube channel from Douma – that’s where the HQ of Alloush’s gang is and where Alloush’s gang rules – published on 5th of August 2013 a video of animals, prominently dog, allegedly killed with chemical weapons. Of course, the video claimed, the Syrian Army murdered the animals with chemical weapons, but more likely it seems that this was an animal test run for the chemical weapons false flag attack that would follow two weeks later:

Indicators of prior knowledge of Zahran Alloush to the CW attacks in East Ghouta on 21th of August 2013

– After the 21-8 Ghouta CW attacks some former US intelligence professionals, among them Larry Johnson, published an open letter indicating expectation of a surprising war-changing development by high level FSA commanders and foreign intel agencies backing the FSA, that will make the US bomb Syria:

„… we have learned that on August 13-14, 2013, Western-sponsored opposition forces in Turkey started advance preparations for a major, irregular military surge. Initial meetings between senior opposition military commanders and Qatari, Turkish and U.S. intelligence officials took place at the converted Turkish military garrison in Antakya, Hatay Province, now used as the command center and headquarters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and their foreign sponsors.

Senior opposition commanders who came from Istanbul pre-briefed the regional commanders on an imminent escalation in the fighting due to “a war-changing development,” which, in turn, would lead to a U.S.-led bombing of Syria.

At operations coordinating meetings at Antakya, attended by senior Turkish, Qatari and U.S. intelligence officials as well as senior commanders of the Syrian opposition, the Syrians were told that the bombing would start in a few days. Opposition leaders were ordered to prepare their forces quickly to exploit the U.S. bombing, march into Damascus, and remove the Bashar al-Assad government

The Qatari and Turkish intelligence officials assured the Syrian regional commanders that they would be provided with plenty of weapons for the coming offensive. And they were. A weapons distribution operation unprecedented in scope began in all opposition camps on August 21-23. The weapons were distributed from storehouses controlled by Qatari and Turkish intelligence under the tight supervision of U.S. intelligence officers. …“

– On 13th of August 2013 on the Facebook page of „Abu Hamza from Duma“ was published that preparations are in it’s final steps for a new surprise for the Syrian government, under a apparently new picture where Zahran Alloush posed with other insurgent leaders in Turkey

The 21-8-13 Chemical Weapons Attack in Ghouta

– the most important official UN and US documents

Klicke, um auf Secretary_General_Report_of_CW_Investigation.pdf zuzugreifen

Klicke, um auf report.pdf zuzugreifen

– There were two very distinct areas where chemical weapons were allegedly used: the Zamalka/Ein Tarna areas in East Ghouta (only a few km away from Douma) where Alloush’s Islam brigade was/is in firm control and the Muadamiyah area in southwest Ghouta (about a dozen km away from East Ghouta) where the level of control by Alloush’s Islam brigade is lower

– The alleged number of people killed in this Chemical Weapons attack waried greatly: from a few hundred as alleged by the British and French government up to more than 1400 as alleged by the FSA, the SNC and the US government. The alleged points of impact are quite far behind any front lines of the battle and the victims are alleged to be mostly civilians, with many women and children among them. The great differences in victim numbers is an indicator that at least FSA and SNC tried to present numbers as big as possible, but besides – hardly verifiable – Youtube videos the evidence for such huge number of victims is rather thin. However, at least some of the Youtube videos were clearly staged, as they featured the same alleged victim persons, but in very different situations so the story in at least some of the videos simply doesn’t add up.


– Missing are especially the names, autopsies and testimonies of friends and relatives of victims that would back up such big numbers. Virtually nobody seems to know whom most of the alleged victims were. And as Mother Agnes Miriam points out, missing is especially the expected neighborhood chatter of mourning of friends and family, so the actual number of victims might be even very significantly lower than the lower British and French allegations – there might have been just a dozen or so real victims killed by CWs and the rest may have been fabricated propaganda. While this doesn’t mean that there was no CW attack, this is relevant in so far as fewer than assumed victims would mean the amount of Sarin in possession of the perpetrator of the CW attack may have been lower than assumed.

– The UN inspection of the two alleged areas of impact went on very different and had very different results, but also some common features to note. In both areas an unnamed top insurgent commander guaranteed safety to the UN inspectors. From the description of the range of his influence given by UN inspectors this can hardly be anybody else than the FSA’s top Damascus commander at that time, Zahran Alloush, or one of his subordinates. The UN inspectors were always accompanied by insurgents, they led them to the places they should investigate and presented them the evidence they should investigate. Videos of the work of the UN inspectors indicate that Zahran Alloush’s above mentioned friend Mohammed Al-Saeed, who produced at least one of the Adra CW videos, was always with the UN inspectors in Muadamiyah, Zamalka and Ein Tarma.

In Moadamiyah, snipers at first tried to prevent the UN inspection by shooting at the UN inspectors cars. In the environmental samples taken by UN inspectors in Moadamiyah there was not found any Sarin. There were found some chemicals in the environment smaples that could be breakdown chemicals of CWs, but there may be a host of different explanations for these results than a fresh CW attack. The alleged CW rocket shown to UN inspectors in Muadamiyah is very different from those presented to them in Zamalka/Ein Tarma, and the flight path of the rocket shown to them in Moadamiyah is highly implausible – or improbable. It is plausible to assume that the UN inspectors were fired at upon entrance to Moadamiyah by insurgents, because these insurgents knew that the environmental samples in Muadamiyah would surprisingly tested negative for Sarin. However, the victims allegedly injured by CWs presented to the UN inspectors seem to have been really exposed to Sarin. Though symptoms were not totally corresponding to what would have been expected their was really found Sarin in their bodies. A possible explanation for this difference between environmental samples may be that these CW victims were prior to the arrival of the UN inspectors moved to Moadamiyah. As Alloush’s friend Mohammed Al-Saeed demonstrated with his presence in Moadamiyah, insurgents were able to move between Moadamiyah and Zamalka at that time. Another, more nasty, but since suicide terrorist attacks are also a known feature of the war in Syria, not a priori impossible, explanation for the diverging results between body and environment samples in Moadamiyah would be, that some persons in Moadamiyah were especially intoxicated with a small dose of Sarin just to mislead the UN inspectors. What can be definitely said of the Moadamiyah investigation is that the stories and the blood of victims and the test results of the environmental samples diverge, and the stories of the doctors there were no help to bridge that divergence neither.

In Zamalka and Ein Tarma the UN inspectors results were very different. The UN inspectors were shown rockets capable of delivering up to about 50 kg Sarin, rocket remains and environmental samples nearby all tested positive for Sarin as well as the blood of victims tested positive for Sarin. That is what is to be expected when there was really a Sarin attack.

However, a closer analysis of the capability of the rockets allegedly used to deliver the CW showed that these rockets were not professionally designed sophesticated missiles to deliver CWs, but more like quite unprofessionally manufactured devices based on standard Grad missiles which are also in possession of insurgents. And the potential reach of these missiles of about just two kilometers is just too short that they could have reached all alleged areas of impact from government controlled territory. Some of these missiles could theoretically have been fired from disputed territories, but some, that landed far behind the front line, had to have been fired from insurgent controlled territory. That insurgent territory in East Ghouta is controlled by Alloush’s Islam brigade, which makes it improbable that anyone could have fired these CW rockets in East Ghouta without the permission of Zahran Alloush.

Who had a plausible motive for the CW attack?

– The Syrian government had absolutely no motive for that CW attack in Ghouta near Damascus, especially at that time. The situation in summer 2013 was that analysts largely agreed that the Syrian Army progressed and if there would be no game changing foreign intervention the insurgents would not be able to unseat the Syrian government. The timing of the CW attack was exactly then, when the CW inspectors which were invited by the Syrian government in March to investigate the CW use by insurgents in Khan Al Assal near Aleppo, finally arrived in Syria. The CW attack in Ghouta had the consequnce that the UN investigation in Khan Al Assal, which was demanded by the Syrian government, was derailed one more time. the location of the CW attack in Ghouta was only some km away from the hotel of the UN inspectors in Damascus, but some km behind the front lines, targeting largely and seemingly randomly civilians. There was no battlefield gain for the Syrian Army by throwing CWs on civilian areas behind the front lines. The foreseeable consequence of a large scale CW attack was, due to Obama’s red line, a US attack on the Syrian army. Veteran foreign policy consultant found this words on the plausible motives of that CW attack in Ghouta:

„Motives – I cannot identify any compelling motive for the Syrian Government to make a poison gas attack, particularly one so blatant and so close both to its own capital and to an international observation team which was already in place nearby, and one with so likely disastrous consequences for its own survival. There is, however, a conceivable motive for the rebels. If such a horrible crime could be attributed to the Government, the rebel leadership might reasonably have calculated that the US or other foreign powers would come to their rescue.“

– While the FSA demanded US strikes on Syria Al Qaeda groups in Syria feared a US attack on Syria because they suspected they would become targets.

This points further in the direction that not Al Qaeda did the false flag CW attack in Ghouta to provoke the US to bomb Syria, but the FSA did it, and, of course, the extremist Zahran Alloush was the commander in charge for Damascus.

Who else wanted Syria to be bombed, so that there might be assumed a role in that CW attack behind the scene?

– The Saudi royals, who are said to be on good terms with the Alloush family, expressed deep anger that the US didn’t strike Syria

– The Turkish government wanted the US to strike Syria after the alleged CW attack in Ghouta

– The British prime minister Cameron and the French government wanted to take part in strikes against Syria after the CW attack

– Israel acted through it’s AIPAC friends to encourage the US congress to authorize US strikes on Syria

– And it seems, Israel delivered a piece of fabricated SIGINT to facilitate US strikes on Syria after the CW false flag attack

While Zahran Alloush and his men are the prime suspects of having executed the CW false flag attack in Ghouta, these are the main backers, who should be suspect to having supported or orchestrated his false flag chemical weapons operation.

Endnote: Unused information in this analysis

There is some information on the subject of Alloush and the CW issue which were not used in this analysis, either because they were deemed not relevant or to be red herrings. Nevertheless, some of the more interesting of these reports and rumors unused in this analysis is listed below so that readers might get a more complete picture of available information.

– There are many reports that Zahran Alloush is directly backed and financed by Saudi intelligence – in times bypassing the US-backed SMC – and his Islam Army to be a Saudi proxy. However it is hard to prove such an allegation. Zahran Alloush – while failing to give more plausible explanations for the strength of his group – has denied receiving funding from anyone.

– Russian News: Saudi Arabia Group behind Chemical Weapons Provocation in Syria: Source

– MintPress alleged based on insurgent sources that the CW use in Ghouta was not intention but a mishap of Saudi supplied insurgents, however the credibility of this report and that of it’s authors are heavily disputed

– Syria: Assad not Responsible for Ghouta Gas Attack, Says Freed Hostage Pierre Piccinin (who was apperently held by the FSA’s Farouk brigade)

– Yossef Bodansky – an Israeli-American political scientist who served as Director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare of the US House of Representatives from 1988 to 2004 – reports rumors on the White House’s and Zahran Alloush’s involvement

– The Russian website Anna News – who has reporters embedded in the Syrian army – reported from Jobar the Syrian army found what could be chemical weapon IEDs

– Night videos allegedly showing Liwa Al Islam firing the CWs from Jobar onto East Ghouta, however the authenticity is unverified, so it’s non-evidence

– Seymour M. Hersh points out that the US government lied about the CW attack

Addendum: On 25 December 2015 Zahran Alloush was killed in the village of Autaya in East Ghouta by a Syrian Air Force airstrike. The leadership of his group Islam Army went over to other members of the Alloush family after that.

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