Associated Lies

What’s Israel’s position regarding the conflict in Syria?

Bloomberg reported on 12-12-2012 regarding Israel’s position regarding the conflict in Syria the following:

Israeli Envoy Sees Radicals Risk Preferable to Assad

Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren said the fall of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would be a boon to Israel and the Mideast, even if radical Islamists try to fill the vacuum left by his departure.

“There’s the possibility that you’ll have Sunni extremist elements who will try to come to the fore,” Oren said yesterday in Washington. “Our opinion is that any situation would be better than the current situation” in which the Syrian regime has a strategic alliance with Iran and the Lebanese Shiite Muslim terrorist group Hezbollah, he said.

U.S. officials repeatedly have expressed concern about jihadi elements within the Syrian opposition and have said the U.S. is unwilling to send arms to opposition forces for that reason.

This was a public statement, on the record, made by the reepresentant of Israel in the USA, and there was no retraction anytime later. And here is how the Israel-friendly news agency „Associated Press“ reported on 29-04-2013 – among other outlandish claims – what Israel’s position is regarding to the conflict in Syria is all along:

Although Assad is a bitter enemy, Israel has been careful not to take sides in Syria’s civil war, partly because the Assad family has kept the border with Israel quiet for the past 40 years and because of fears of what would happen if he is overthrown. Israeli military officials believe some Syrian opposition groups, especially those affiliated with the al-Qaida terror group, will turn their focus toward Israel once Assad is ousted.

Whom do these professional liars want to fool? The viewers of the wahhabi propaganda outlet Al Arabiya?