SANA syndication: Crackdown on Terrorists Continues in Several Provinces, Terrorists Murder Citizens in Homs Province

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Crackdown on Terrorists Continues in Several Provinces, Terrorists Murder Citizens in Homs Province

Sep 06, 2012

PROVINCES, (SANA)- The armed forces targeted the terrorists in the areas of al-Halk, Sheikh Said, al-Nayrab, Bustan al-Qasr and Hanano in Aleppo, killing scores of them and destroying their DShK-equipped cars.

Armed Forces Seize Workshop for Making Explosives, Destroy 8 Cars Equipped with DShK in Aleppo

The Syrian armed forces stormed a workshop for making explosive devices and a warehouse for weapons and ammunition at al-Fedaa School in al-Kalaseh neighborhood in Aleppo.

The authorities also destroyed five cars equipped with DShK machineguns and killed the terrorists in them in al-Safira area in Aleppo.

The armed forces carried out qualitative operations against terrorists in al-Jandol roundabout in Aleppo, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

The armed forces also destroyed three cars equipped with DShK machineguns with all the terrorists inside them in Khanaser area in Aleppo countryside.

On Tuesday, the armed forces targeted terrorists near the Sports Institute and Mohammad Saleh al-Sabbagh School in Bustan al-Basha and in the Northern area of Ein al-Tal in Aleppo.

The operation resulted in the killing of a number of terrorists and destroying their cars equipped with DShK machineguns.

The authorities arrested a sniper and two terrorists in Baron Street in Aleppo.

In al-Qanater district, western Aleppo, an explosive device went off as terrorists were planting it causing the killing of several gunmen.

In al-Zarbeh district, Aleppo southern countryside, military engineering units dismantled 5 explosive devices set to be detonated near Kinsreen Bridge.

Meanwhile, rehabilitation works started in Mizar Street, al-Molat neighborhood, Talat Nahas and al-Hariri Hospital in Seif al-Dawlah district after clearing them of armed terrorist groups.

The armed forces also cleared al-Sayyed Ali neighborhood and Souq al-Hal in Aleppo from terrorists and destroyed their hideouts.

In Sleiman al-Halabi neighborhood, the armed forces carried out a qualitative operation against terrorists hideouts near al-Hajar Mosque and killed several terrorists and injured others.

Terrorists Killed in Clash with Authorities in Yelda, Damascus Countryside

The authorities clashed with an armed terrorist group in Yelda area in Damascus countryside, resulting in the death of a number of terrorists and the injuring of others.

An official source told SANA that among the dead terrorists was the group’s leader Yasser Saad, aka Abu Hazem.

An armed forces unit pursued terrorists in the area between al-Mleha and Zabdin in Damascus Countryside, canvassing the fields in cooperation with locals and uncovering a workshop for manufacturing explosive which had a tunnel containing a number of explosive devices, explosives and other materials used for making explosive devices.

Terrorist Group Massacres Four in al-Houleh, Homs Countryside

An armed terrorist group massacred four citizens, including a mother and her two children, in al-Houleh area in Homs countryside.

An official source at the province told SANA’s correspondent said that the terrorists intercepted a car which was transporting a family from the village of al-Moua in Hama countryside to Damascus as the car was passing by al-Houleh, attacking the family and the driver, murdering them, mutilating their bodies with sharp implements, then burning the car to cover up their crimes.

The source said that the victims are Rabah al-Saleh and her sons Sleiman (15 years old) and Siwar al-Saad (13 years old) and the driver Zuheir Miya.

5 Citizens Martyred in Terrorist Attack in al-Qseir in Homs

An armed terrorist group attacked the town of al-Ghassanyeh in al-Qseir area in Homs countryside. Five citizens were martyred in the attack. A source in the province told SANA reporter that the terrorists also kidnapped 17 citizens from the town, adding that the relatives of the kidnapped persons fear that the terrorists are planning to kill them.

The armed forces inflicted heavy losses upon groups of armed terrorist who tried to attack al-Midan Police Station in Aleppo city.

Armed Forces Inflict Heavy Losses on Terrorists in Homs

With the residents‘ cooperation, a unit of the armed forces on Wednesday tracked and clashed with an armed terrorist group riding in 4WD cars equipped with DShk machineguns between the neighborhoods of Bab al-Sba’a and Bab al-Turkman in Homs. An official source in the province told SANA that scores of terrorists were killed in the clash and the cars were destroyed.

An armed forces‘ unit stormed into a terrorists‘ hideout near Esh El-Warwar in al-Qseir countryside and clashed with its members, killing and injuring several terrorists.

An official source told SANA that the hideout was used as a center and operations‘ room by leaders of terrorist groups to plan attacks against citizens and law-enforcement members.

In the same context, an armed forces‘ unit clashed with terrorists that terrorized citizens near al-Jani farm in al-Qseir countryside, killing and injuring its members.

The armed forces repelled an armed terrorist group that attacked citizens in al-Ghassanieh in Homs countryside and destroyed 3 DShK-equipped cars along with the terrorists inside.

An armed forces unit destroyed an ammunition warehouse in the town of al-Bouyada al-Sharqiya in al-Qseir countryside, while a number of terrorists who were attacking law-enforcement forces and blocking roads near the village of al-Daba’a in the same area were eliminated.

Engineering units dismantled two explosive devices, each weighting around 30 KG, planted by terrorists near the village of Snaida on the Homs-Salamiya road.

Armed Forces and Authorities Eliminate Terrorists, Destroy Their Weapon Warehouses and Vehicles in Deir Ezzor

After receiving information from locals, the authorities confronted and killed two terrorists, Jamal al-Shebl and Ahmad al-Rahil, who were in a taxi opposite al-Maliya roundabout in Deir Ezzor city.

The authorities also destroyed a pickup truck full of terrorists near al-Bassel Square in the city, killing a number of terrorists including Aziz al-Bdeir and Hakim al-Haj.

Following investigations, an armed forces unit destroyed a van full of weapons at the entrance of the town of Mohasan in Deir Ezzor countryside, killing the terrorists inside it including Mohammad al-Homsi and Qassem al-Hamid.

The authorities also clashed with a terrorist group in a Jeep in Deir Ezzor city, eliminating all its members, including Munir al-Mashaal, Abdelrazzaq al-Baher, and Saleh al-Sadeq.

After receiving information from locals, the authorities raided a terrorist hideout In the neighborhood of Sheikh Yassin in Deir Ezzor city, killing the terrorists inside it including Wes al-Karim and Fouad al-Abdullah.

An armed forces unit destroyed a weapon warehouse used by terrorists in al-Salihiya neighborhood in Deir Ezzor city, killing resulting in the death of terrorist and weapons merchant Khalaf al-Atiyah.

The authorities also destroyed a pickup truck used by terrorists in al-Hamidiye neighborhood in the city, killing the terrorists Mikdad al-Ali and Nasser al Besher.

Terrorists Killed During Attempt to Attack Law-Enforcement Forces in al-Haffeh

An armed forces unit confronted a terrorist group which attacked law-enforcement forces in al-Haffeh area in Lattakia province, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists.

An official source told SANA’s correspondent that the incident resulted in the death of a large number of terrorists, while the remaining members of the group fled, leaving their weapons behind, adding that a number of cars used by terrorists were destroyed along with those inside them.

Terrorist Suicide Bomber on a Bike Kills Himself Near Law-Enforcement Forces Checkpoint in Idleb

A terrorist suicide bomber using a bike equipped with explosives blew himself up on the Idleb corniche road near a law-enforcement checkpoint, killing him instantly and inflicting minor wounds on one of law-enforcement member.

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