SANA syndication: General Gaye: Syria committed to Anna’s Plan

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General Gaye: Syria committed to Anna’s Plan

Jul 29, 2012

HOMS, (SANA)-Homs Governor Ahmad Moneir Mohammad on Sunday discussed with General Babacar Gaye, Head of the UN International Observer Mission in Syria and a team of the observers the situation in Homs and means of finding solutions to what the city witnesses due to the acts of armed terrorist groups which harm the life of citizens and their properties.

The Governor briefed General Gaye and the accompanying delegation on the acts of armed groups which carry out infiltration operations from the Lebanese borders into Syria aiming at destabilizing the satiation in the country.

„We are here in Syria.. we have new tasks.. we work to implement the Security council latest resolution on Syria and to carry out the plan of the UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan,“ General Gays said in a speech to the Syrian TV.

He added „We assert that there is a commitment by the Syrian government in Annan’s plan.. the crisis in Syria couldn’t be resolved except by an agreement between the Syrian people and their leadership.“


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