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The website of the Syrian Center for Documentation is hard to reach lately, obviously under DDoS-attacks by global enemies of free speech, just like the Syrian Arab news agency SANA and Mein Parteibuch are attacked by the global arrogance forces warring against free speech, freedom and human dignity. To make important news messages from the Syrian Center for Documentation available though it’s website is under DDoS Mein Parteibuch will syndicate the English section from the newsletter published by the Syrian Center for Documentation, though without internal links.

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Syrian Center for Documentation Newsletter sent at 2012-07-14

5156 Total documented victims since 1-11-2011
39 Victims Today

English Section

* According to anti-government activists, 13 shells were fired on Jouret Al-Shaiahm Al-Karabees, Al-Qusour, Al-Khalidieh and Old Homs neighborhoods of Homs city
* Severe clashes take place between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Al-Qusair area of Homs province; resulted in the death of many insurgents and the wreck of a vehicle provided with Dushka machinegun
* Armed conflicts appear between Syrian government forces and militants in several neighborhoods and areas of Homs province; resulted in the injury of 30 soldiers, where they were transferred to the military hospital
* Armed attacks initiate on checkpoints for Syrian law enforcement forces in Al-Rastan and Talbiseh areas of Homs countryside, where no injuries have been recorded
* SANA: a vehicle loaded with arms and ammunition gets seized in Talkalakh area of Homs countryside
* Pro-government activists: Syrian Army artillery shells centers for radical anti-government militias Al-Huson Castle town of Talkalakh area located in Homs countryside
* Al-Farouk battalion claims responsibility for destroying a governmental vehicle and killing two persons who were inside it in Al-Qusair area


* Delegation of UN observers travels from Damascus to Al-Tremseh village of Hama countryside
* Anonymous source explosion was heard in Taibet Al-Imam town located in Hama countryside
* An explosive charge explodes on the road that connects Kazo and Al-Karameh neighborhoods; resulted in no victims
* Car bomb explosion appears in Muhardeh area of Hama countryside, what resulted in the death of 4 people including one civilian and the injury of others
* Engineering units of Syrian Army dismantle 3 explosive devices that each weight 25 Kg on the bridge of Al-Tweini village located in Al-Ghab area of Hama countryside
* Unknowns fire two shells on a house located in Edlib road of Hama city
* An explosive charge explodes in Fatima Al-Sakka school of Hama city; resulted in the death of 10 people and 30 injuries
* Activists: unidentified militants steal a monumental Noria of Hama province located in Sheizer village on the borders of Al-Assi River
* Heavy explosion appears after gunfire in Al-Arba’een neighborhood of Hama province
* Unknown insurgents rob shops in Souk Al-Taweel located in Hama province
* Activists: unidentified militants steal a monumental Noria of Hama province located in Sheizer village on the borders of Al-Assi River on 14-7-2012


* Sound bomb explosion appeared yesterday near Al-Jalaa sport city located in Al-Mazzeh highway of Damascus; causing no casualties
* Evening anti-government gathering appears in a street of Al-Meedan neighborhood and gets separated without incidents, where unidentified rebels block a street in the very neighborhood with burning tires
* Funerals of last night’s victims took place in Al-Yarmouk neighborhood of Damascus in the middle of a demonstration, where hundreds of people participated in it and Al-Jazeera Live TV channel broadcasted it
* Pro-government demonstration appears this evening in Al-Yarmouk neighborhood of Damascus; in which demonstrators raise pictures of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad

Damascus Countryside

* Unidentified militants kill the businessman Osama Al-Homsi after they failed to abduct him from his shop in Harasta city of Damascus countryside
* Demonstration appears in Al-Hajar Al-Aswad area and gets separated by Syrian security forces using force, what resulted in 5 injuries
* Armed conflicts take place between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Sakba area of Damascus countryside
* Funerals of 4 victims take appear in the middle of a demonstration in Barzeh neighborhood and get separated without incidents


* Syrian Army liberates 80 members of Civil Defence after they were abducted by armed rebels in Jeser Al-Shughour – Lattakia road, what resulted in the death of many militants, the death of one soldier and the injury of another
* Two mortar shells have been fired on Kafarhaya village of Edlib countryside, which resulted in 3 injuries
* Funeral of Fatima Muhammad Khateeb turns into a demonstration in Al-Rami village located in Jabal Al-Zawieh of Edlib countryside
* Free Army militia fires an RPG shell on a Syrian Army checkpoint and burn a tank for it
* Severe clashes take place in several areas of Al-Rami village after Free Army militia attacked a Syrian Army checkpoint in an area full of civilians, where the gunmen attempted yesterday to shoot down a helicopter using machineguns
* Radical Islamic Militias announce controlling over Malas village located in Edlib Countryside, during a demonstration on last Friday, in which anti-government activists named “Overthrow Annan, the Servant of Assad and Iran”
* An armed attack was carried out on Security Detachment in Harem area of Edlib Countryside. The Detachment Security members clash with the militants, what resulted in the death and injury of several gunmen
* Unknowns burn a house that belong to people known for their pro-government attitude in Ahsam village of Edlib countryside


* Syrian Army forces detonate a time bomb after they were unable to dismantle it near Al-Sultan mosque located in Lattakia province


* Anti-government activists say Syrian Army artillery shells this dawn Kherbit Ghazaleh and Al-Yadouda towns of Daraa countryside
* Many explosions are heard in the near villages of Al-Jizeh village located in Daraa countryside
* Funeral of a person turns into a demonstration participated by gunmen in Tafas town of Daraa countryside
* Anti-government activists say Syrian Army shells Daraa Al-Balad located in Daraa province
* Five persons get arrested in Al-Kateebeh village of Daraa countryside
* Armed confrontations appear between Syrian law enforcement forces and militants in the entry of Al-Gharyia Al-Gharbieh located in Daraa countryside
* Many mortar shells were fired on Al-Na’eemh town of Daraa countryside
* Al-Moutasem anti-government coordination in Daraa publish a videotape that shows a field execution using bullets for a person named Nawras Shafeek Raheeb, accusing him for dealing with Syrian security forces

Deir Al-Zour

* Shells were fired during gunfire in Al-Joura neighborhood
* Severe clashes took place yesterday between Syrian Army and insurgents, where a shell was fired on a Syrian Arab Army checkpoint
* Armed conflicts appear between Syrian Army units and militants of Muhammad the Prophet battalion of Free Army militia in Al-Rasafeh eighborhood of Deir Al-Zour city
* Free Army militia announces the punishment of a governmental worker of the Directorate of Agriculture after they kidnaped him, accusing him for dealing with Syrian security forces, where the video that was published by anti-government activists shows a torture process on the worker while he is unclothed
* Evening demonstration takes place in Al-Mayadeen city located in Deir Al-Zour province
* Deir Al-Zour anti-government coordination publish 7 names, claiming to be killed by Syrian Army bombardments on several area of Deir Al-Zour province and its countryside
* Severe clashes takes place this evening between Syrian security forces and Free Army militia in Al-Sina’a neighborhood


* Two militants get killed during clashes in Al-Sukeif area of Aleppo outskirts
* Anti-government rebels blocked yesterday, during a demonstration, the main street in Salah Al-Din neighborhood located in Aleppo outskirts
* Armed confrontations appear after militants attacked a Syrian law enforcement forces checkpoint in Al-Sukeif area of Aleppo outskirts; resulted in the death of two gunmen and the confiscation of their arms
* Funeral of Ahmad Izzo takes place in Al-Nerb Palestinian Camp, where he was killed yesterday when militants tied him in his car and blasted it near a checkpoint for Syrian law enforcement forces near Ikarda on Damascus – Aleppo road
* Anti-government gathering for students appears in Ibla university of Aleppo outskirts
* Unidentified militants attack Joud Company located in Al-Mansoura area of Aleppo, kidnap its four guards and steal 30 trucks
* Evening demonstrations appear in Al-Sukkari, Al-Fardos, Al-Ashrafieh, and Al-Sha’ar in Aleppo province, Dabek village and Al-Bab city of Aleppo outskirts
* Al-Bab Martyrs battalion abducts a citizen under the charge of dealing with Syrian security forces

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  1. Danke. Die Seite war die seit gestern Abend wieder nicht zu erreichen. Es scheint in der Tat notwendig zu sein, die Artikel parallel online zu stellen.
    Gerade in den letzten Tagen wurden von Syrien Augenzeugen schnell publik gemacht, um den Lesern die Wahrheit nicht vorzuenthalten. Das gefällt natürlich denen nicht, welche bei den Terroristen in Auftrag gegeben hatten, Bilder hochzuladen. Es ist ja auch gut bekannt, dass für diesen Zweck die Kommunikationsgeräte geliefert werden.

    Thank you. The page was not reaching for since yesterday evening. There seems to be necessary to provide the articles with anyone online, in fact.
    Just in the last few days have been eye-witnesses of Syria quickly made public, so as not to deprive the readers of the truth. The likes of course not those who had been among the terrorists in order to upload images. It’s also well known to be delivered for this purpose, the communication devices.

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