SANA syndication: Three Terrorist from al-Treimseh Confess to Taking Part in Murder, Terrorism and Abduction

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Three Terrorist from al-Treimseh Confess to Taking Part in Murder, Terrorism and Abduction

Jul 15, 2012

HAMA, (SANA) – Two terrorists from the town of al-Treimseh in Hama countryside confessed to taking part in a series of murders and acts of terrorism before the army entered the town, while a third terrorist admitted to participating in abducting citizens to demand ransom and killing them afterwards.

In confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV on Saturday, terrorist Yousef Abdullah al-Mahmoud said that he was recruited by force along with his brother into the armed group led by Saleh al-Saba’awi.

Al-Mahmoud said that he and his brother accompanied al-Saba’awi and six other men attacked two houses, with him breaking one of the houses‘ doors and shooting at the roof, noting that he stayed outside with his brother upon al-Saba’awi’s orders while the rest entered the house and shot everyone inside, saying that he only saw a man and a woman but that there were more people inside.

He went on to say that they broke into the second house, with him staying outside like the first time and firing at the house, and the rest of the group entered the house and killed anyone inside.

In turn, terrorist Ahmad Abdullah al-Mahmoud, the aforementioned brother, corroborated his brother Yousef’s story, adding that al-Saba’awi told them that the houses contained army personnel, when in truth there were only civilian men and women who were shot dead by the terrorists.

For his part, terrorist Zaher al-Tayeh said that he took part in the abduction of a man from al-Safsafiye village along with two others, hijacking the man’s car and then interrogating him in an olive field before slitting his throat with a knife.

Al-Tayeh also confessed to abducting two others; one from al-Safsafiye and the other from the village of Khneizir, saying that they demanded a ransom of SYP 400,000 for the first one and 200,000 for the second, but their demands weren’t met so one of the abductors, a man killed Hussein Dabbas, slit the victims‘ throats as al-Tayeh watched.

H. Sabbagh

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