SANA syndication: The Armed Forces Carry out „Qualitative Operation“ in al-Treimseh and Cause Heavy Losses among Terrorists

The Syrian Arab news agency SANA is hard to reach lately, obviously under DDoS-attacks by global enemies of free speech, just like Mein Parteibuch was shot down by the global arrogance forces warring against free speech, freedom and human dignity. To make important news messages from SANA available though SANA is under DDoS Mein Parteibuch will syndicate selected internationally important English language SANA news items.

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The Armed Forces Carry out „Qualitative Operation“ in al-Treimseh and Cause Heavy Losses among Terrorists

Jul 14, 2012

HAMA COUNTRYSIDE, (SANA)- A military source on Friday stated that some of the armed forces units on Thursday morning carried out a „qualitative operation“ in al-Treimseh town in the countryside of Hama province that targeted the gatherings of terrorist groups‘ members as well as a number of their leadership’s whereabouts and dens which they used as a springboard for their criminal acts and a base for torturing kidnapped citizens.

The operation, the source said, came in response to the pleads of the inhabitants of al-Treimseh town who had been exposed to various forms of criminal acts at the hands of armed terrorist groups, including acts of killing and terrorizing in addition to exploding a number of houses.

The operation was carried out after a process of monitoring and accurate information gathering in cooperation with the residents, the source added.

It said the terrorist groups‘ dens were destroyed and a big number of their members were killed in the operation, while scores of them were arrested. Large amounts of weapons and documents, including IDs for non-Syrian persons, one of them Turkish, were seized.

The military source mentioned that the seized weapons included 45 machineguns, 13 Nato sniper rifles, 9 RPG launchers, 7 BKC machineguns, 3 mortars, 3 hand-made rockets, 14 pump-action rifles, 10 military pistols, 24 mortar shells, 32 RPG shells, 53 machinegun chargers, 30 sniper rifle chargers, 8 explosive devices, 10 grenades, 150 detonators, 1500 sniper rifle bullets, 5000 BKC machinegun bullets, 4200 machinegun bullets, 500 pistol bullets, 7 gas masks, 5 prism binoculars, 25 satellite wireless devices, 30 shields, in addition to materials for making explosive devices, explosives and large amounts of gunpowder, TNT templates, highly explosive C4 material, a field hospital and an amount of military equipment, stolen cars and registration licenses.

The source said that after the armed forces successfully dealt with the terrorists without casualties taking place among the citizens, they searched into the terrorists‘ dens where they found dead bodies of a number of citizens who had been abducted and later killed by the terrorist groups.

The source stressed the armed forces‘ full preparedness and permanent readiness to intervene to protect the citizens and confront the terrorists and ward off their criminal acts against the safe citizens wherever necessary.

It also expressed the forces‘ thanks to the residents who cooperated with the authorities in specifying the terrorists‘ whereabouts and thus contributed to restoring security and safety to the area.

H. Said

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  1. Hallo,
    thanks for your work. I cannot reach SANA until now. I share four texts of yours at my pinwand in facebook and in three fb groups, so far.
    Good luck for your work

  2. Danke für die Informationen. Der von Hillary Clinton angekündigte „Catastrophic Assault on Syria“ (siehe Website von Dr. Tarpley unter hat offenbar bereits begonnen. Seit Freitag den 13. July ist die Website von SANA (Syrian-Arab-News-Agency) NICHT MEHR ZU ERREICHEN.

    Weiter so, ausgezeichneter Blog
    MfG, L.W.

  3. @Marlenetiger
    Ja, bitte. Ich denke es ist wichtig, die Nachrichten angriffener Seiten weiterzuverbreiten.

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