SANA syndication: SANA Website Attacked to Prevent it from Conveying Truth of Events in Syria

The Syrian Arab news agency SANA is hard to reach lately, obviously under DDoS-attacks by global enemies of free speech, just like Mein Parteibuch was shot down by the global arrogance forces warring against free speech, freedom and human dignity. To make important news messages from SANA available though SANA is under DDoS Mein Parteibuch will syndicate selected internationally important English language SANA news items.

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SANA Website Attacked to Prevent it from Conveying Truth of Events in Syria

Jul 14, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) website on Saturday was attacked by foreign sides which try to prevent the Syrian national media from conveying the truth of events and unmasking the conspiracy hatched against Syria.

After the failure of several attempts to hack the website and publish fabricated news on it, foreign sides targeted the website with a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack).

In the same context, anonymous sides stole SANA logo from the website and designed an advertisement in English and Arabic that includes provocative calls and distributed it through email.

On June 27th, an armed terrorist group attacked al-Ikhbariya Satellite TV Channel headquarters, destroyed it and stole its equipment before blowing it up.

SANA website is a multi-lingual website. It publishes news and articles in seven languages: English, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic.


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Mein Parteibuch encourages all people committed to free speech, liberty and freedom to copy and syndidate this and other SANA news items as long as SANA is under attack.

There are some alternative original Syrian news sources carrying some SANA English news items on events in Syria. For example:

However, these sites are sometimes under DDoS attack, too. The US-led enemies of Syria obviously hate free speech. So one may need to try several of these sites in a row and may be even several times.

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