SANA syndication: Four Terrorists from al-Treimseh: Gunmen Were Ordered to Spread Across the Town Before Army Forces Entered It

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Four Terrorists from al-Treimseh: Gunmen Were Ordered to Spread Across the Town Before Army Forces Entered It

Jul 13, 2012

HAMA, (SANA) – Four members of the terrorist groups that were active in the town of al-Treimseh said that the terrorists – who included non-Syrians of Arab nationalities – spread across the town before the army entered it, and that this was based on orders they received to attack law-enforcement forces and prevent civilians from going to work.

In confessions televised by the Syrian TV, terrorist Hikmat Shihadeh al-Mustafa al-Younes, a local of al-Treimseh, said that he joined a group of 16 gunmen led by Manhal Darwish, and that they gathered in town along with around 250 gunmen.

He said that orders were given to them to attack law-enforcement forces checkpoint, preventing state employees from going to work, and forcing people to strike, but they were surprised when security forces arrived and they were ordered to prevent them from entering the town and fighting them.

Al-Younes said that he and his cohorts had assorted weapons including automatic rifles, sniper rifles, RPG launchers, and hand grenades, and that snipers were stationed on rooftops.

He said that the leader of his group was killed along with many gunmen in the clash with security forces, which lasted about an hour and a half, which is why he turned himself over when security forces instructed them to surrender via loudspeakers.

For his part, terrorist Sa’ed Darwsih, another local and a policeman, said that while he was spending vacation time in his home, several gunmen including a man called Saleh al-Sabaoui came and threatened to kill him and all his family if he returns to work, and they coerced him into joining them.

Darwish said the gunmen had been gathering in town for around 20 days, and that their numbers were between 250 and 300 and that they had planned to attack law-enfrocemtn checkpoints, block roads and impose a state of strike by force.

He said that on Thursday, they heard that the army was encircling the town, so they tried to escape but couldn’t, and then they received orders to attack the army and several of the gunmen died in the ensuing conflict while others were arrested, including Darwish.

Darwish confirmed that the terrorists had RPG launchers, machineguns, snipers, automatic rifles and explosive devices, adding that the leaders of the armed groups received money from Turkey and that there were Turks and Libyans among the ranks of these groups.

In turn, terrorist Rami Abdelsalam al-Darwish said that he was offered money to join an armed group led by Saleh al-Saba’awi a month ago, and that the al-Treimseh was crawling with more than 300 terrorists from out of town, including Libyan gunmen and one Turkish officer.

He said that a man from Jabal al-Zawiye area called Abu Talhat brought them money and weapons from Turkey, and that the weapons included machineguns, automatic rifles, RPG launchers, grenades, explosive devices and more.

He recounted how the army forces surrounded the town after the terrorists gathered in it, and how Abu Talhat ordered them to attack them, which resulted in al-Darwish’s arrest.

Similarly, terrorist Mohammad Sattouf, born in al-Treimseh in 1986, said that he was in charge of fabricating videos of protests and uploading them to Youtube.

Sattouf said the armed groups gathered in town 20 day ago to attack law-enforcement forces and ransack and burn government establishment, and that several attacks were carried out against law-enforcement checkpoints using car bombs, in addition to planting explosives on roads.

He said that the armed groups were ordered to engage the army forces and they followed those orders, with the clash continuing for around 90 minutes, during which Issa al-Ibrahim, the leader of Mohammad al-Fateh battalion which leads these groups, was killed.

Sattouf corroborate other terrorists‘ testimonies that the gunmen who were in al-Treimseh numbered somewhere between 250 and 300, and that they were armed with various light and medium weapons including machineguns, rifles, sniper rifles, RPG launchers, hand grenades, and explosive charges which were made in a workshop set up in the town itself.

He said that a man referred to as Abu al-Zahra’a came to him with an altered video of al-Qbeir massacre which he filmed after he and his group committed the massacre, and that Abu al-Zahra’a forced Sattouf’s cousin Mufid Alloush at gunpoint to upload the altered video to al-Jazeera using the latter’s satellite internet connection.

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