The sinister Arab dictatorship has once again shot on a peaceful demonstration. At least one person was killed by this bloody suppression of the universal human right to peaceful assembly, 14 others were injured, some seriously. Whether all the injured will survive the brutal attack of the totalitarian state is uncertain.

The dictatorship notoriously commits most ugly human rights violations such as torture and mutilation, and cruel death sentences resulting from highly questionable legal proceedings are carried out routinously, including those against children. The regime systematically discriminates against women and religious minorities.

What was the reaction to the massacre today? Has Ban Ki-moon condemned the blatant human rights violation? Has Navi Pillay done this? Did the U.S. President or his Secretary of State called for the resignation of the dictator? Has the German Foreign Minister given expression to his indignation? Has Al Jazeera mobilized the arab public against this with countless sensationalistic exaggerations and fabrications? Did the BBC, CNN, Tagesschau, France 2, Arte, Fox News and so on report on this in disgust and with blood dripping Internet videos from citizen journalists saying „they can’t verify the authenticity?“ Have Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch condemned the flagrant violation of human rights? Has Avaaz launched a campaign against the regime?

Of course not. None of this has happened. No lackey of the warmongers has lost even one word on this murderous violation of human rights. Human rights are for these lying hypocrites only a means to foment further bloodshed as a pretext to justify long preplanned wars of aggression aiming at regime change.

The location of the above described spill of blood was not Benghazi, Damascus, Tehran or Moscow, but Qatif. Qatif is the center of the American empire’s oil in the middle east. And Qatif is mostly populated by Shia. Perpetrator of today’s massacre in Qatif was the Wahhabi dictator of Saudi Arabia. But the dictator of Saudi Arabia is an ally in the bloody campaign that shall run from Damascus to Tehran and Moscow up to Beijing’s submission. Therefore it goes without saying that the information weapons used by the Zionist apartheid regime and imperialist banksters from London and New York to wage World War III, coincidentally had – in regard to today’s massacre in Qatif – a blackout.