Bani Walid analysis – 18th October

Al Jazeera yesterday came up with a report of NTC conquest of Bani Walid that pretty much looks like a fabrication like Al Jazeera did it before.

While it may well be true that this Al Jazeera report is fake, it looks now like there is more credible proof that a small group of NTC hooligans flying the flag of the colonialist Libyan kingdom yesterday really was on the central square of Bani Walid „celebrating victory“.

As proof see for example this video from Bani Walid published by Zliten NTC hooligan support channel. That video looks quite real. Making pictures, driving circles and senselessly shooting in the air, that’s how the world knows NATO’s brainless NTC stooges. And it’s clearly to see, that that is in Bani Walid.

What is remarkable is that NATO’s own propaganda agencies didn’t bring up many photo’s from Bani Walid and even less of those look credible. It looks pretty much like NATO and their propaganda operators were surprised themselves and the NATO propaganda operators seem not be convinced of Al Jazeera’s NTC „victory pictures“ as they wrote headlines like „Libyan fighters said to advance into Bani Walid“ or „Libyan fighters claim liberation of Bani Walid“ instead of something more convincing like „NTC conquered Bani Walid“.

The reason behind the distrust of the victory message seem to be that the few NTC fighters outside Bani Walid were obviously far to weak for a victory against the well defended town of Bani Walid which has proven a month ago to be capable of winning against a much larger NTC force. Last Sunday the NTC forces against Bani Walid got a crushing defeat again, and even AFP acknowlegded 17 of them were killed and several dozens more wounded.

And while the main NTC forces are unsuccessfully occupied now for weeks trying to crush the green resistance in Sirte, it’s unlikely the NTC forces against Bani Walid have become much stronger over night, even if they were enhanced with western mercenaries and scores of special forces from Britain or gulf dictatorships like Qatar.

Despite the NTC fighters outside Bani Walid probably learned with the time that it’s no good idea to use RPGs to blow off their own heads and kill their fellow NTC comrades all what they could do Sunday was shelling the city from far away and hoping for NATO bombing Bani Walid to ashes from the sky. On Sunday the NTC hooligans attacking Bani Walid took heavy casualties again, Xinhua said, 17 of them were killed and dozens injured.

And then, suddenly, on Monday, they were in the center of Bani Walid „celebrating victory“, and that, while a fellow NTC fan tweeted, that the NTC hooligans suffered Monday only eight dead in the attack on Sirte. That’s hardly more than the death rate we heard otherwise when the NTC hooligans shoot themselves celebrating with gunfire.

An NTC propaganda channel tweeted there were „no civilian deaths in the battle for Bani Walid due to successful evacuation of the residents of the town“ and „this was due to the cooperation between the ntc, local council & residents.“ And in contrast to the capture of many other cities there are so far no pictures and reports of NTC hooligans looting houses in Bani Walid, like everywhere else whereever the infamous NTC hooligans conquered a town or a village.

The conclusion is that there was almost no fight on Monday. It looks more like kind of a deal, perhaps a bit like in green Tarhouna. While hooliganism like looting and random arrests are not tolerated, the NTC hooligans were allowed by the residents of Bani Walid to raise their flags and „celebrate“ on the central square of the city.

This is pretty much like what Allain Jules said yesterday. The NTC was allowed into Bani Walid for a photo operation. As Reuters said, the green fighters of Bani Walid just don’t show up which, of course, doesn’t mean, that the green fighters don’t exist anymore. They just stay in resident neighborhoods, which the NTC forces are not allowed to enter with bad intentions, or in other towns like Tarhouna. The NTC forces are temporary guests in the city of Bani Walid and as long as they show manners instead of hooliganism they are not harmed. This allows NATO to save face and declare „victory“ and like the people of the green city Tahoura and many cities in the South of Libya the citizens of Bani Walid can get rid of NATO airstrikes and long distance shelling.

This NTC declaration of „victory“ in Bani Walid doesn’t bring the green resistance in a worse position, it’s quite the opposite. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the NTC controls more than before. The green forces cornered in Sirte were able to break out today and can now go whereever they want. So the NTC, whose reduced hooligans forces in Sirte fled today – acknowledged by NATO propaganda outlet Reuters – far beyond the Ougadougou Conference Center, can soon walk into the formerly green held territory of Sirte and declare victoy in Sirte, too.

After NTC’s declaration of „total victoryNATO will find it harder to justify the continuation of it’s aerial bomb massacres. Once NATO’s bombers are out of the equation the green resistance will have it much easier to eleminate the colonialist’s NTC stooges from power who hand over Libya to their colonial masters on a silver plate and empower a sensible government representing the people of Libya.

Update Wednesday evening: Seems to be hard to get independent information from Bani Walid at the moment. But it looks like the photo shooting operation was at least partially successful easing the plight of the citizens of Bani Walid. Various propaganda outlets of the NTC hooligans show NTC hooligans being back from Bani Walid where they came from to celebrate their „victory“ at home. For people in Bani Walid it is it good news as it means less NTC hooligans are creeping around at Bani Walid terrorizing the people. Compared to the destruction caused in Sirte by NATO and it’s NTC hooligans Bani Walid seems to be rather fine.

It’s remarkable, that there are no new pictures from Bani Walid today, except an Al Jazeera hollywood production showing their reporter Amr Laf (Surprise, surprise, from Al Jazeera’s top actor Tony Birtley there seems to be no trace left in Bani Walid) allegdely in Bani Walid inside a hospital – where he has to wear a helmet and a flak jacket for safety reasons (!) – but one of yesterday’s photos gives the impression that NTC hooligans trying to loot are shot. However, NATO’s propaganda networks report some looting in Bani Walid: Abdulhakim Momen, a member of NATO’s NTC regime of stooges for Libya, is quoted saying that his houses in Bani Walid have been looted. So it seems some people in Bani Walid knew quite well which houses they can loot without being confronted by the people of Bani Walid. :-)

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  1. Look how „PROTECTING CIVILIANS“ does look in reality:

    SAME SIRTE Tanks fire missiles into town

    picture of Moamer Kadhafi on the ground at the entrance to the shelled city of Bani Walid on October 17

  2. wäre in der tat eine interessante strategie,

    aber was, wenn, wie schon an anderen schauplätzen der welt in der vergangenheit,

    die nato massenvernichtungswaffen eingesetzt hat?

    es soll z.b. berichte über drei container biowaffen existieren.

  3. NATO-Kriegsverbrecher bombardierten Stadt mit atombombenähnlichen FAE-Bomben !

    Die NATO hat FAE Bomben “Fuel Air Explosive” (Typ BLU-118), auch genannt “poor man’s atomic bomb” in Bani Walid benutzt. Im Umkreis von 2 qkm wird alles Leben durch Verbrennen oder Ersticken getötet – egal ob sich eine Familie mit Kindern im granatensicheren Keller versteckt oder nicht.
    Es soll 1200 Tote gegeben haben !

    Möglicherweise hat auch in Sirte eine solche Bombe den Zusammenbruch des NATO-Rebellenangriffs verhindert und Gaddafi getötet.

    Libyen, Bani Walid: NTC-Sieges-Lügen und NATO-Einsatz verbotener Waffen | Julius-Hensel-Blog

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