Crimes of NATO in Sirte uncovered by CCTV

The channels of the green resistance repeatedly reported that NATO was bombing civilians in Sirte instead of „protecting civilians.“ Chinese CCTV now visited in Sirte an appartment block bombed by NATO, found bedrooms bombed, children toys and an NTC commander who says it was NATO bombs which bombed that block.

Here are some videos taken in the time directly after NATO struck the buildings back in Septembers. Part 1:

Part 2:

Outside view:

In a world of justice, the leaders of NATO would be held accountable for their crimes. In todays reality, NATO criminals are not brought to justice and the ICC persues the victims of NATOs crime against peace.

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  1. Thanks for this reports!

    seeing NATO bombing or rebel tanks and artillery shooting from far to the town, actually made me think that civilians must be hit. But nobody did mention or even show this.

    We need demonstrations to bring the war criminals Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron, Berlusconi etc. to THE HAGUE and into prison – for murdering and lying!

    Also the news manipulation of virtually all major media in the NATO countries must be stopped.

    Democracy can not work based on systematic fraud news ! Journalist must be free, independent of the media ownership only responsible the write the truth and in the interest of the people and not that billionaires that are able to buy newspapers or TV stations! Media, especially news and information about politics and society must work under the law and an organization that assures truth, relevance and peoples interests in media.

  2. It is clear – the children want to look from the balcony what happens and the rebels are shooting at any head or moving thing they see.

    It is not protecting civilians to bomb and shoot a town with civilians !

    Why war and shooting instead of elections? The Libyan Government did offer UN-supervised election and Saif Gaddafi in addition a new constitution to avoid civil war see . But NATO and rebels did not want this. Since when democracy comes by military decision? Why they prefer such killings and deny democratic elections?

    I know why: They know that Gaddafi would win any election – that’s why they want to kill and charge him ! Elections must be without Gaddafi, because he would win:

    From 17.06 – 19.07.11 5 millions demonstrated against NATO and its rebels – THIS ARE 80 percent of Libyans – that is why NATO does not accept the Libyan offer of democratic elections.

    green Pro-Gadddafi-Demonstrations:

    and more

  3. For those who believe the NATO criminals had good intentions to protect civilians just do not know this:


    In this interview a defense strategy specialist from the French defense ministry says … at 4:55: “ we believe they(USA) decided not to support Gaddafi may be two years ago (!) and did proceeded step by step to the situation we face now“

    A 2nd confirmation: US General Wesley Clark about US Government plan to invade 7 arab countries in 5 years Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran

    3rd confirmation do a google search for „Presidential+Study+Directive+11“


    OTPOR, The Revolutionmaking Business

    They or such consultants provide the detailed plans and the ongoing adaptions, along with those mentioned here:

    A reporter of siad at Mahdi Nazemroaya in Malta After Libya
    At 12:30″ there were (at the beginning) british security forces and the USA had occupied all the upper floors in the Bengasi Hotel to preapare and conduct all the events in Libya “
    Even a dutch NATO-Helicopter was captured at the beginning from obviously loyal libyan troops: Libya TV Shows Captured Dutch NATO Helicopter Crew

    Even italian president Silvio Berlusconi, said according to

    in their live news clips at:

    „21.43 Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi claims that ousted Libyan leader Moamer was loved by his people and that the rebellion that toppled him was not a popular uprising:
    Quote This wasn’t a popular uprising, (like in other north African countries) where the wind of freedom begins to blow.

    Powerful men decided to give life to a new era by putting out Gaddafi.

    This wasn’t a popular uprising because Gaddafi was loved by his people, as I was able to see when I went to Libya. “

    As you know the German government did not take part in this attack, since attacks are forbidden in the constitution of Germany, but they verbally did support this war. BUT ! They did it despite not knowing why. Because the left party made a parlamentary inquiry what the German government does know about shooting on innocent civilians in Libya – the answer was „The federal government (of Germany) has no detailed information about attacks of the libyan air force against civilians“ (!) Original inquiry and government answer in German:

    Anfrage der Fraktion der LINKEN
    Hintergründe des bewaffneten Angriffs auf Libyen

    Klicke, um auf 1705666.pdf zuzugreifen

    Antwort der Bundesregierung– Drucksache 17/5409 – vom 26. 04. 2011 Der Bundesregierung liegen keine detaillierten Informationen über Angriffe der libyschen Luftwaffe auf Zivilisten vor.

    Does really anybody needs more confirmation? More reliable and „unbiased“ sources? Except no 5 everything is a NATO soucre!

    OK and here are three more sources:

    ‚No sign Gaddafi bombed Tripoli – NATO and UN resolution 1973 wages war on false claims!
    Each of the three place named in the UN resolution as bombing targets in Tripoli did not show any sign of whatever bombardment.

    According to Sukant Chandan of the NGO „British Civilians for Peace in Libya“, who came back to UK from monitoring mission in Libya.

    That there in Tripoli ,was no bombing has also be confirmed by Christiane Annampur in a report of her US TV news station (ABC?) She was in Tripoli for checking the town from helicpoter and in the town, including an 30 min. or longer interview with M. Gaddafi

    Gaddafi airstrikes in Libya did not take place – Russian military satellite monitoring team

    There are also some Libyan proofs, but this is not believed – but at least that the libyans ALWAYS ASKED FOR VERIFICATION COMMISSIONS to PROOF THE FALSE CLAIMS and that this was IGNORED is an clear fact that can be proofed.

    The only air strikes were bombs trown into the desert between oil installations and the town near Brega in order to stop NATO-rebels from advancing in diretion to this important oil facility.

    this french defense strategy specialist from the first rt-interview video link above is
    Eric Denécé, Officier-analyste à la direction de l’Evaluation et de la Documentation Stratégique du Secrétariat Général de la Défense Nationale (SGDN). In English: Analyst for strategic evaluation and documentation of the general office of french national defense. Check his interesting biography that shows how competent he is in such matters and what is be done on government levels at It is in French


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