Al Jazeera’s victory claim on Bani Walid is a complete fake

Al Jazeera’s liar in chief Tony Birtley just appeared in front of a screne set of about 20 NTC actors and claimed that he is in the middle of Bani Walid.

However, Tony Birtley offered absolutely no proof for his claim that he is in Bani Walid. The camera was deliberately placed below his head, so nothing of what could be a town came into the picture and the crowd of about 20 NTC actors were placed in a way, that there was absolutely nothing else to see on the picture.

To back up it’s claim, that NTC had conquered Bani Walid from the south, Al Jazeera cut in some pictures of street settings with some tanks with NTC flags painted on it, claiming it was „latest pictures.“ But those pictures show no traces of fighting, no bullets on the street and houses without shooting marks, and that despite NATO and NTC were bombing Bani Walid for a couple of months and NTC commanders reported „heavy resistance“ from Bani Walid. So, whereever and whenever these pictures were taken or doctored, they are surely not from Bani Walid yesterday or today.

What Al Jazeera presents today on TV as news from Bani Walid is a complete lie and a deliberate fake.

Diana phoned to Bani Walid today and tweeted that there is no NATO/NTC in Bani Walid, these terrorists just shell the city with long range weapons from outside. And Anadolu reported yesterday, „Suleiman Kureyri, member of an NTC military council in Sabratha, told the Anadolu Agency correspondent“ that „NATO-led warplanes hit on Sunday a convoy of trucks carrying weapons and munitions to forces loyal to the ousted Libyan leader in Bani Walid.“

So, the official NATO/NTC story on Bani Walid is that NTC has so few control on the road from Bani Walid to the south, that NATO does airstrikes there against ammunition resupplies for the green forces in Bani Walid, but has so much controll over the street to Bani Walid from the south, that they can launch a successul attack on Bani Walid from there. This makes only one thing clear: they lie and fabricate news.

And Tony Birtley made in very clear in his fake Al Jazeera report, what his fake news is indended for. It should be a message to the heroic green resistance in Sirte, that they should surrender, because NATO and NTC are desperate for not being abe to conquer Bani Walid though masscring people there for months and weeks.

Please spread the message quickly, so that everyone in Sirte understands this Al Khanzeera lie, what psyop it is intended for and how desperate NATO, NTC and Al Jazeera are, that they spread such an easy to debunk lie.

PS: My favorite picture today is from Reuters. It’s called „Fighters with Libya’s interim government celebrate in Bani Walid October 17, 2011.“ I see only desert. Look at the picture yourself and draw your own conclusions.

PPS: Here are news from outside NATO’s war propaganda machine: Xinhua and Allain Jules report on what happened in the last 48 hours in Bani Walid. Thse eports give the impression that NTC hooligans are in pats of Bani Walid and celebrate, but in reality they have not very much under their control there.

PPPS: There were defintely people with the flag of colonialism inside Bani Walid yesterday, celebrating „victory“, see this video here and no greens to see. It looks pretty much like Allain Jules and Xinhua have the correct story from Bani Walid. Mein Parteibuch will come up with our own analysis of recent events in Bani Walid in a couple of hours.

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  1. It seems during a war both sides do the same thing, they mix up what they want to happen with fact. Pro Gadaffi and NTC supporters have both done this repeatedly.
    In this case it looks like the NTC have got to the centre of bani Walid (see for footage from Al Arabiya .. and I would guess that people who know the city would be able to recognise that square.) This doesn’t mean the NTC control all the city or will be able to stay there. Only time will tell.

    1. @asbery
      „It seems during a war both sides do the same thing, they mix up what they want to happen with fact. Pro Gadaffi and NTC supporters have both done this repeatedly.“

      Yes, spreading false news is a classic technic of warfare. And Al Jazeera did so before when NATO attacked Tripoli:

      The scheme, in which we saw NATO/NTC forces attack cities in Libya is always the same:

      1.) NTC issues message that city is conquered, NATO propaganda agencies like Reuters, BBC, Al Jazeera & co spread it
      2.) After caliming „victory“ the real attack, usually combined air/ground/sea on the ground begins with special forces from the armies & gulf dictatorships
      3.) NATO propaganda outlets and propaganda outlets from Gulf dictatorships spread fabricated photos and videos as „proof“ for their victory to demoralize the opposing forces

      That’s the stage in which we find the battle against Bani Walid most likely currently.

      As I wrote the independent source from Bani Wali said, it’s not captured but under heavy shelling. It doesn’t mean that the attack cannot be successfull, but as I wrote, the Al Jazera video is proof for nothing. Thre is nothing to see on the video. And photos from agensies are remarkbly sparse, too.

      4. When an attack is successful, nobody asks questions for the lies the mass media spread to secure victory. That’s how it was in Tripoli. The mass media reported victory before the battle began, but as they won the battle, afterwards that was no problem.

      When an attack is not successful, the media repoting victory look stupid. That’s hat happened during recent attacks on Sirte and Bani Walid.

      The video from Al Arabiya gives some pictures, but it could well be fabricated, too. There are many cuts inthe video, on some parts is no rebel flag, on other parts only the rebel flag, on other parts missing the city and other part could be an exchanged background. It does not proof nothing. The channel of the Saudi Arabian dictatorship is part of NATO’s war propaganda machine, so expect the worst. And have a look on the title of the video „NTC says …“, they already look for a backdoor to slip out if the stunt goes wrong.

      To find out what’s really going on, we need to wait a bit. As NATO bombed all independent communication channels we need a bit patience for to decide what is the truth on the ground that comes out in the end.

      But one message should be clear: don’t trust the masters behind your TV set. Build your own trusted information networks.

  2. But who can believe Al Jazeera by now? It is the utmost discredit of journalism, after 8/9 months of lying everyday over the Libyan aggression, it shows that it has no judgement, only the Sultan’s orders!

  3. Die NATO-Einsätze werden so lange fortgesetzt bis Bani Walid und Sirte „befreit“ sind, haben NATO- und Pentagongeneräle kürzlich verlautbart.

    Der diplomatische Druck und auch weltweite Proteste der Öffentlichkeit gegen die Lügen der Mainstream-Medien haben eine weitere Lüge hervorgebracht über die ich aber diesmal wohlwollend hinwegsehen möchte. So haben die NATO jetzt die Gelegenheit ihre Bombardements einzustellen, die schweren Waffen abzuziehen und können dabei ihr Gesicht wahren, denn die letzten Gaddafi-Hochburgen sind endlich „befreit“.

    Sirte – Die Stadt ist so zusammengeschossen, daß sie unbewohnbar geworden ist. Ein Teil der schwarzen Bevölkerung von Sirte wird von den für ihren Rassismus bekannten NTC-Fightern auf ganz besondere Art befreit – befreit vom Leben.

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  5. i was in Bani Walid when this report was aired live. where were YOU all i wonder? sitting in an armchair putting the world to rights. Take a deep breath and start embracing reality. Tony Birtley

  6. @Tony Birtley
    So, shall I feel honored that a key part of the NATO-GCC-machine of liars and mass murderers visits this small website? Are you proud how many people have you and your friends have mass murdered?

    You say, you were there. So, where was your report on the Heaven Hotel on the beach?

    I guess you don’t want to say, you didn’t know it. Nobody would believe that. You were the one closest to these NATO-sponsored death squads in Libya. Why didn’t you report that?

    The answer is obvious. Because you are not honest, just a liar and NATO spin doctor taking part in the mass killing people in foreign countries. So why shall anybody believe you that you were there and not in a studio of your democracy loving boss in Qatar? And if so, what difference does it make from where you spread your lies? The answer is that it doesn’t make any difference from which place you spread your lies and propaganda.

    Allow me a personal question: have you taken yourself the fun of slitting throats of people you didn’t like? Or did you completely outsource that „fun“ to NATOs bomber pilots and your wahhabi killer friends in the hope that then potential rests of your conscience will not disturb your sleep at night and bring you down with booze & drugs that you would feel urged to consume to fight against the rests of your conscience?

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