UNSC adopted resolution 2009 against Libya

Just hours after the United NATO general assembly gave the Libyan seat to the NATO-Terror-Council NTC, the United NATO council of criminals adopted it’s resolution 2009 against Libya, giving the Northern Atlantic Terror Organisation NATO a free hand to continue genocide against the people of Libya.

United NATO council of criminals thanked NATO for implementing it’s criminal resolution 1973 in a way that it quite successfully liberated some northern parts of the African state Libya from the black skinned part of it’s population and vowed to set up a British colonial regime in the garb of an armed UN mission in Libya.

In the following video the success of the UN-NATO operation in a city ear Zintan is shown.

Though the houses of the city were burned, plundered and looted by NATO-commanded rebels, most of the houses are still there. As can be seen in the second part of the video, the hospital of the city is still there, too.

It’s looted and the walls bear bullet holes from patients being executed with gunshots by NATO’s rebels, but the hospital is still there. The only thing missing is the population of the city. The part of the population not able to flee in time can probably be found in the digged into the desert sands surrounding the city.

The population of other cities was more lucky defending itself against the terror attacks of NATO and it’s stooges on the ground. In Sirt some children were killed or hurt by NATO’s bombs, but the resistance against the NATO terrorists continues unabated, as can be seen in a video from September, 15th.

As Al Fatah69 informs, another attack of NATO and it’s stooges to conquer, loot and destroy Sirt was repulsed on 16th of September. The same is true for Bani Walid, were the people’s resistance was able to repulse heavy attacks on 16th of September as well, as Libyan govenment spokesman Moussa Ibrahim informed the public on the eve of September 16th.

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  1. To the editorial staff

    this message in the newspaper cannot be right. At what time was the UN Security Council meeting over Libya? This is only a Proposal. There is no „Resolution 2009“, there are some Resolutions in 2009. I think, this was another media lie. This newspaper is a NATO “soldier” to trick the libyans to break their resistance.
    Latest news from Libya:
    Direct news from Libya.
    There were some rumors that the rats entered Bani walid and that there is fighting in the streets. The truth is that the major fight was given 40 km away from the west gate of Bani walid. Our army has tought a good lesson to the rats, dozens of cars were destroyed and the death toll among the rats exeeds the number of 60.
    In addition in the area between the area from bani walid to sabha, more than 130 rats were killed after clashes with the vollunteers of the al Magarha tribe.
    There is a division in the ranks of the rats after all those loses they have suffered the last week and after the islamists are trying to bring down Mahmoud Jibril rat.
    The big rats sarkozy and cameron risked their lifes in order to save their public profile and in order to try persuade the world that everything is okey, one day before the un votes in order to accept the rats as representatives of Libya in the UN general assembly. They also wanted to pt attention not to the fact that there is no money and a big unemployment rate to their countries and wanted to make it seem like they have done something as priministers and presidents because the reality is a total fail.( in order to be safe they made a green zone and they brought more than 4000 of their troops by boats in 24 hours before their visit.)
    The tribes that are loyal and against the colonialist crusaders have vowed to fight until the last drop of their blood. They will not allow libya to become the first new colony in the African continent.
    Steadfast until the end. Victory or martyrdom.

  2. @Karel Panther
    Regarding to the UNSC resolution 2009 against Libya: It was shown live on UN web TV. It’s horrible for Libya, but it’s real.

    Regarding to fighting in the vicinity of BANI Walid and Sirte, I have no perfect information. I’m just passing on what I found in the web. Thanks for your update on this for our readers.

  3. Karel:
    PS: I’m not 100% sure the draft text is exactly the text adopted, but it pretty much looked like that, and for sure, the UNSC criminals adopted a UNSC resolution 2009 against Libya this evening.

  4. To the editorial staff,
    I beg you pardon, now I found it in the news. I am very, very shocked. There was no Veto.
    Meanwhile the resistance in Libya is steadfest. (People have no other choice.)

    Here is the text of the news:
    Security Council
    16 September 2011 –
    The Security Council today agreed to deploy a mission to Libya to support the North African country’s transitional authorities in their reconstruction efforts after the end of the conflict, including restoring the rule of law, drafting a new constitution, promoting reconciliation and preparing for elections.

    In a resolution adopted unanimously, Council members said the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) will be led by a Special Representative of the Secretary-General for an initial period of three months.

    They also lifted some of the arms embargo, assets freeze and no-fly zone that had been imposed by the Council earlier this year after forces supporting the regime of Colonel Muammar al-Qadhafi began a brutal crackdown against many of its citizens.

    Today’s resolution tasks the new mission with restoring public security and the rule of law, promoting inclusive political dialogue and national reconciliation, and helping the National Transitional Council (NTC) embark on the constitution-making process and lay the foundation for an electoral process.

    UNSMIL will also help extend State authority, including through strengthening emerging accountable institutions, restoring public services, promoting and protecting human rights, particularly for vulnerable groups, and supporting transitional justice.

    The mission will take immediate steps to initiate economic recovery and coordinate support that may be requested from other multilateral and bilateral actors as appropriate.

    In the resolution, the Council made several modifications to the assets freeze, no-fly zone and arms embargo that had been imposed.

    The 15-member body exempted the Libyan National Oil Corporation and country’s Zueitina Oil Company from the asset freeze, and similarly eased measures against the Central Bank of Libya, the Libyan Arab Foreign Bank (LAFB), the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA), and the Libyan Africa Investment Portfolio (LAIP).

    Sanctions were also eased by the Council on funds, other financial assets or economic resources of the Central Bank of Libya, LAFB, LIA and the LAIP.

    The Council urged States to give due consideration to the use of international financial mechanisms to promote transparency and prevent misappropriation in Libya.

    It requested the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank to work with the Libyan authorities to assess the country’s public financial management framework, and recommend steps to be taken by the Libyan authorities to ensure transparency and accountability with respect to the fund held by governmental institutions.

    The Council took note of the improved security situation in Libya and said it would keep the prevailing no-fly zone restrictions under continuous review, stressing its readiness to terminate those measures when circumstances permit.

    Thank for all good texts and the information, althought this was very bad.

    Karel Panther

  5. Sorry, its me again, Karel,
    Here you can find the whole text and protocoll of the meeting, we must study it very serious.
    South Africa , Russian Federation Call for Early Lifting of No-Fly Zone
    inside the comments of the members:
    BASO SANGQU ( South Africa) reaffirmed the African Union’s successful efforts to bring about peace, saying it remained committed to offering support. He added that South Africa supported international efforts to help Libya “turn a new leaf” in its history, but Libyan ownership of the process was critical. In that vein, he highlighted three issues. First, a “complete and verifiable” ceasefire was necessary to all efforts in Libya, he stressed, saying South Africa was disappointed that the Council had not issued a clear call in that respect. Second, South Africa reiterated its call for an end to reprisals, killings and other activities. Finally, South Africa looked forward to the lifting of the no-fly zone as soon as possible.

    Okay, thanks again

  6. @Karel
    No need to feel sorry. I’m sorry that I had no better news today regarding the diplomatic front. The UN is anywany just another outfit in the pockets of the global arrogance.

    The better news is that both the resistance in Bani Walid and Sirte hold their ground, and that’s more important. What’s important for Libya now is to secure weapons, especially SAMs, and explosives, the more the better for the resistance, so that terrorists like Sarkozy, Cameron, BHL and Erdogan won’t escape another time when they or their stooges inspect their assumed colony Libya.

    The leader of the Greem Cmmitte Movement expects a long war. I agree and think, it’s a good idea to prepare for this.

    We do our best from here to help, though, sorry to say, it isn’t much, except, that we may be abe to hold up TRUTH.

  7. To the editorial staff:
    Thanks for your answer. You see, it is a hard night, unable to sleep for me. (but now I will finish):
    I will show your readers the opposite: One site this diplomatic way of aggression, the other side the real situation, two videos from the same day, Bani Walid celebrating and Sirte, inside, also today.

    What a difference. What they say and what happens there. The so called diplomats, who congratulate the traitors and mass-murders and this brave people, who only fight for their indepence. Volunteers from Niger, Serbia, from the Tuareg tribes and more are coming or on the way to help.

    Where are the real places of democracy, human rights and dignity? At those tables with these diplomats, in Stuttgart (Africom) or in Sirte, Bani Walid and other places in the desert of Libya? You know the answer, but look at the video, so you can feel it. The proudest picture of Human Beings in our days.


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