EU and NATO want to send occupying forces in UN garb to Libya

Two weeks ago, Innercitypress leaked a secret UN plan written by British NATO imperialist Ian Martin wrote, outlining that the criminals against peace want to send hundreds of UN employees to Libya as well as security personnel to guard them with the aim of establishing a colonial government in UN garb subserviant to the predatory aggressor states bombing Libya.

Even the TNC, the puppet council for Libya installed by NATO, immediately turned against this obvious attempt to colonize Libya and outrightly rejected the secret UN plan. But of course the colonialists do not care about this rejection. Now it’s important for the war alliance to meet their aim and that is to quickly get lucrative long-term contracts signed by their puppets, so that the aggressors can fill their own pockets with the wealth of Libya. That’s what is was at the beginning and that’s what it is now. And they want to get rid of Muammar Gaddafi and the Green Committee Movement, because this resistance hinders them plundering Libya. Plundering Libya is the goal, this is the reason why they spread these blatant lies to justify waging a war of aggression against Libya based on fictitious facts, and this is the reason why they organized the murderous hunt on people with black skin in Libya. And, of course, now, where they have come this far, the colonialists have no desire to let their lackeys spit them in their soup.

And so, the British colonialist Ian Martin, decorated with a well sounding UN title, nabbed the Finn Georg Charpentier, who seems to be recommendated by shameless lying on Sudan, as his assistant, and then immediately went to Tripoli to prepare for the establishment of a colonial government of NATO, U.S. and EU under the guise of the UN.

As the colonialists are as unpopular as in Tripoli as their TNC puppet council and therefore neither NATO nor their puppets are able to rule over Tripoli let alone Libya, they quietly asked the EU-power Finland to help them out with occupation troops for Libya. From NATO-member state Germany it is known since months that this US-client state said they will constructively examine requests to send German occupation troops to Libya if that request had a UN coat. Now the plan to dispatch a UN occupying force to Libya is obviously ripe for decision.

Voice of America, a government owned mouthpiece of the U.S. empire, announced triumphantly, that the secret British UN plan to send UN occupation forces to Libya was endorsed by their puppet Ban Ki-Moon and was forwarded to be approved by the UN security council. Under the name UNSMIL, the colonialists want to begin with a three month mandate for a small UN sanctioned occupation force, that shall bring the most important contracts to be signed by the colonists‘ enterprises and their puppets on the way. After these three months will have passed, the small occupation force shall be replaced by a large UN administration able to subordinate Libya completely and a large military occupation force able to break the resistance of the Libyan people against the recolonization of Africa.

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  1. Thanks. I have posted it with link to you in FB groups also like this other into German before.
    Yes – time of colonialism is back after balance of power after Second World War is destroyed and we have something back from time before October Revolution. Now people can see real face of this imperialism and again and as it would not be enough, we have imperialism connected with a financial oligarchy is to remember on time about 6 hundred years ago when biggest bank empire crashed and Black Dead was coming over Europe, coming from center of sinking empire. But this time all is more terrible now and so only power to the people can stop it! People you have to wake up now!

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