Khaled Oweis of Reuters spreads war propaganda against Syria in Todays Zaman

It’s well known that the US government funded through their MEPI programme a covert network of activists, propagandists and the like to stage a regime change operation in Syria.

It’s also well known that the main instruments of the US-led regime change operation in Syria are false-flag-terror and lies. It’s well known that terrorists in the service of the U.S. interests get paid to kill security forces and protesters in Syria and satellite channels from the US puppet dictatorships on the arab peninsula pay video artists 100 Dollar per video fabrication to falsely blame the US-led terrorists‘ crimes on the Syrian government.

The terrorist ring leaders are now desparate, because the this US-led regime change operation against Syria is bound to fail. Many terrorists were caught by Syrian security, their news fabrications were exposed, the plotters behind the scene as well and their connection to the US and Zionist regime also. So now the paws of the Zionist plot against Syria had to come out, and publicly declared that their goal is to prepare the ground for a NATO war of aggression against Syria with possibly hundred of thousand of deaths.

Todays reading of the CIA-linked US-resident Fethullah Gulen’s Todays Zaman offers an interesting insight into the anti-Syrian propaganda network of lies. Zaman, which is the Turkish Nurcu’s or lighhouse movement’s main English paper, just now runs an article titled „Witness: Syrian civilian killed by snipers after crossing into Turkey.“ The source of the article is claimed as „Reuters, Amman“ and in the body of the article it is alleged that:

Adelsalam Hassoun, 24, a blacksmith, was killed by army snipers just after he had crossed into Turkey from the village of Ain al-Baida on the Syrian side, his cousin told Reuters by telephone from Syria.

This sentence, claiming a cross border shooting, is exactly designed to build up a case for war. As with the claims of Saddam’s alleged weapons of mass destruction nobody can verify it and nobody can proof that it didn’t happen. However, it’s possible to find out were this claim comes from. It’s interesting enough that news on an alleged event at the Turkish-Syrian border in a Turkish newspaper comes from Amman in Jordan. Even more interesting is that Todays Zaman forgot to copy the byline of Reuters propagandist Khalid Oweis as displayed on Reuters own webpage. And most interesting is to know who is Reuters propagandist Khalid Oweis.

First of all it’s known that Reuters propagandist Khalid Oweis was working in Syria fo a couple of years, but was expelled from Syria in March because he was caught spreading lies and fabrications to incite people in Syria. Second it’s known about Khalid Oweis that he was acting as an almost regular informant of the US embassy in Syria, so that his role in Syria would be better described as a spy of the US government working under the cover of journalism. And third, he was especially spying for the US embassy as a „strictly protected“ source on Syrian actions against the secret US regime change network in Syria.

This leads to an interesting question: how does it come that the cousin of a village „blacksmith“ has the telephone number of exactly the US „informant“ Khalid Oweis in Jordan who is in charge at Reuters of spreading propaganda against Syria? If there was really a phone call, it looks pretty much like that US-led Syrian terrorists get Khalid Oweis number from the US government agency to have a fitting story invented when a terrorist gets caught.

Beside that it’s possible to compare it with a different version of anti-Syrian propaganda from other US propaganda outlets, which obviously didn’t get the same script and draw conclusions on what’s the truth. The Los Angelos Times has obviously a different script for it’s propaganda against Syria, because it shows some 100 Dollar video fabrications and blames all thinkable evils on the Syrian government, but not only forgot to mention the recent victims of the US-led terrorists in Syria, but also forgot to mention a cross border shooting.

So, what does it mean? Reuters and US „informant“ Khaled Oweis are caught once more red handed spreading terrorist’s propaganda lies disguised as news to prepare grounds for a war of aggression against Syria.

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