Hassan Nasrallah speaks on STL at July 2nd, 2011

It’s not secret that the main consequences of the murder of Rafiq Hariri were the so called ceder revolution in Lebanon and the withdrawing of Syria from Lebanon. An of course it’s not difficult to know who is the main suspect for this. The script to use false flag terror to instigate color revolutions is one of the oldest and most wel known in the arsenal of the CIA and the zionist Mossad. Currently the world witnesses such plots being carried out against Libya and Syria, where terrorists supported by the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar shooted on peaceful protesters and police forces to create a pretext for long desired by the US regime change operations.

And though in the case of the murder of Rafiq Hariri in Lebanon with a hightech car bomb it was clear from beginning that Israel is the prime suspect for this hightech bombing the so called Special Trial for Lebanon set up by the United Nations Security Council arrested four Syrian-friendly high ranking Lebanese security officials. Shortly after being arrested, it turned out that the Syrian-friendly Lebanese officials were imprisoned due to false witnesses arranged by the international investigators of the STL. But though it was revealed that the witnesses were bought and their testimony bogus the STL needed more than three years to release the innocently arrested officials. Of course, neither the STL nor the United Nations Security Council apologized for the arrest of innocents and needless to say the criminals of the UN tribunal were not persued or punished for the obvious crimes of fabricating criminal allegations and obstruction of justice.

After the farce against the pro-syrian officials collapsed the UN bodies just were interested to forget their intentionally wrong accusations against Syria. The political goals of the false allegations, regime change in Lebanon in withdrawal of Syria, were reached. But of course, the STL wasn’t neither interested in following promising traces to the truth, because these clear traces led to their own political masters. And so the tribunal did not even follow the clear factual traces leading to Israel as Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah displayed factual evidence leading in direction of Israel publicly on TV. Instead of following the traces of evidence the tribunal preferred to say, that they did not receive this public evidence in an official way and instead tried to come up with something against Hezbollah.

Now, the STL issued an indictment and four arrest arrants against prominent Hezbollah figures and chief STL-prosecutor Daniel Bellemare promised many more indictments and arrest warrants against Hezbollah to follow. Different from what the tribunal did last time, when the tribunal jsut fabricated the evidence for the desired arrests, this time the STL preferred not to come up with a jota of evidence at all to support it’s allegations.

As a response to the lack of evidence of the indictment, Hezbollah Secretary general Hassan Nasrallah hold a televised speech last Saturday where he revealed the connections of the zionist apartheid project and their imperial backers. Here is a video of his speech interpreted into English, uploaded to Youtube in five parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

To get written summaries of Hassan Nasrallah’s speech, one may want to look to Al Manar or to Upooted Palestinians. The names of Daniel Bellemare’s helpers llinked to imperialist terror outfits like the CIA, of whom Hassan Nasrallah spoke about, are: Najib Nick Keldas, Michael Taylor, Darell Mandeze, Doureid Bcherawi, and Robert Bear. Of course, the disgrace of Zionist Germany’s former STL chief investigator Gerhard Lehmann is well known for a long time.

But the most important point seems to be the boss of the STL. Hassan Nasrallah revealed that the president of the STL, Antonio Cassesse, was lauded by his friend George P. Fletcher on a zionist Herzliya conference as a „great friend of Israel“, who routinely refers to any Palestian resistance against the zionist colonial occupation project as terrorism.

Of course, Hezbollah won’t extradite their officers to these zionist STL conspirators who imprisoned the Lebanese security officials based on fabricated allegations and releasing them after more then three ears without even saying sorry. What the zionists and their imperial backers may do now is to hold the sessions of their kangaroo court in absentia, going on with a a trial in which the verdict has already been reached. The can do so, but the zionists will make themselves only look more ridicolous with that.

Daniel Bellemare’s helpless and unsubstantial answers to the revelations was just the beginning of what is the only relevation this kangaroo court shows: false allegations on the level of the UN security council is part of routinely executed zionistpsychological warfare. The only thing the STL really proved, is that it is a tool of zionist lies and psychological warfare instead of one of justice and truth. It qualified itself for having the letters STL stand for nothing else as „Sionist Tribunal against Lebanon“.