Libyan „rebels“ lay landmines

A whole month it’s now ago since NATO decided to bomb Libya. In the meantime on Libya was – under the pretext of the protection of people – dropped virtually the entire European NATO stocks of laser bombs. Countless people were thereby murdered and large parts of Libya have been radioactively posioned for a long time by the depleted uranium contained in NATO’s bombs.

For anyone who has eyes to see and a head to think it is clear that NATO is not after protecting people. The leaders of the warring NATO allies even say it openly, what they are really after, „Gaddafi must go“ , or „regime change“ and thereby they deliberately stifle any opportunity for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Only slowly the public in the warring NATO countries understands that they are systematically lied upon Libya and that the NATO is not bombing Libya to protect people, but actually NATO is just running a long pre-planned predatory war of aggression against Libya. More and more it appears that, while charges against the Libyan government taken as reasons for war are wrong, that the NATO-sponsored „rebels“ perpetrate the very crimes that the Libyan government is falsely accused of.

It has been falsely claimed, that the Libyan government let their warplanes bomb peaceful demonstrators, but actually rebels use warplanes and helicopter gunships against everyone whom they think they were supporters of the government.

It has been falsely claimed, that the Libyan government shoots deliberately and randomly to inhabited areas, but actually it is the „rebels“ who use heavy weapons to shoot deliberately into populated areas and even use heavy weapons within populated areas to just shoot around.

It has been falsely claimed, that the Libyan government uses child soldiers, but in fact it is the rebels, who use children as soldiers.

It has been falsely claimed, that the Libyan government uses foreign mercenaries, but in fact it is the rebels who use foreign mercenaries.

It has been falsely claimed, that the Libyan government disregards human rights, but actually racist „rebels“ massacre scores people with black skin in the barbarous ways.

It has been falsely claimed, that the Libyan government murdered shackled people, but actually it was rebels, who committed those brutal killings and war crimes.

It has been falsely claimed, that the Libyan government threatened a massacre in Benghazi if it would regain power there, but actually rebel death squads now work down long execution lists there.

And now, this pattern is seen in play at another charge against the Libyan government. As is well known, one of the past weeks‘ charges brought up against the Libyan government was that it laid land mines. Since it is well known that landmines are only used by rogue states like the U.S. and Israel, the accusation fits well to discredit the Libyan government internationally, of course. Right in front of the cameras of the worlld media rebels dug out some land mines in Ajdabiya, and then is was claimed, that „Gaddafi’s forces“ buried them there before. Of course, nobody in the western mass propaganda told their consuments, that the rebels were only able to dig out the land mines there with there bare hands because they themselves had dig them in there before, so that they knew that the mines were disabled. Since the charge of laying of landmines is hard to refute and always suitable to discredit an opponent, the fascist Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini added promptly to the charge, claiming that troops loyal to Gaddafi laid land mines around the rebel-dominated town Misrata in the West. Of course, he did not provide evidence for his claim, just as Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron didn’t backup their claims with evidence before neither.

And now this. In a side note Xan Rice wrote yesterday in the Guardian, that rebels were seen laying land mines in the vicinity of Ajdabiya:

„Rebels were also seen laying anti-tank mines at the eastern gate of the city, highlighting their fears that Gaddafi’s forces could retake the town.“

And there are photos of rebels laying landmines in Ajdabiya, too, eg here, here and here. In the pictures it looks as if each one of the disorganized rebels, who feels like, gets a mine to bury it somewhere next to the streets or in open areas. Oops.

The victims, who will be torn apart by the mines llater, may then also want to thank NATO for that, which made the mine laying possible with it’s bombing campaign.

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