„Nahal Oz school bus attack“ is (not) a hasbara fake (Update 5)

The heartbreaking pictures went around the world. And the texts were heartbreaking, too. The text to one of Getty’s pictures reads: „Soft toys are left in the interior of the bus where an Israeli teenager was critically wounded when a projectile from Gaza slammed into it as it took children home from school on April 7, 2011 near the southern Israeli Kibbutz of Nahal Oz, Israel. Israeli forces struck Gaza in return, bombing a compound in nothern Gaza belonging to Hamas.“

Ruport Murdoch’s Fox News and other similar „Fair and balanced“ hasbara outlets reported on the event like this:

In Thursday’s attack, Gaza militants hit an Israeli school bus near the border with an anti-tank rocket, badly wounding the driver and a 16-year-old boy. … The boy remains unconscious in the intensive care ward of an Israeli hospital. … Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the attacks, saying it „crossed the line.“ „Whoever tries to hurt and murder children: the blood is on his hands,“ he said during a meeting with the Czech president, according to the Jerusalem Post. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday condemned the bus attack and expressed concern over civilian casualties in Israel’s strikes in Gaza.

Read careful. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday „condemned“ the „bus attack“, but only expressed „concern“ over civilians killed by the zionist terror machine. Israel killling in „revenge“ more than a dozen people is just a cause for concern. Of course he didn’t condemn Israel, because after the attack on the school bus happened, the world understands that Israel killed Palestinians just in revenge. And revenge is necessary as a „deterrent“.

But the truth is, that the „Nahal Oz school bus attack“ didn’t happen. It’s a hasbara fake. It’s true, that Palestinians shot rockets from Gaza as a response for the continuing Israeli murder campaign against Gaza, but these rockets hit the desert, not a school bus. The damaged bus is in fact not a school bus, but a stage prop of one of Israels well choreographed medical training programs. You don’t believe it?

Than look the pictures yourself. First see three images of the damaged bus from the front. Look at the landscape in the background.

First bus picture from front: Lot’s of green in the background, many trees.

Second bus picture from front: No green in the background, just one tree. It’s the same requisite, but either not the same location or a totally diffrent time, where somebody removed most of the trees in the meantime.

Third bus picture from front: It’s the same location as the first picture, but no green in the background, no tree. Somebody removed all the trees and altered the season of the year between the pictures.

Funny, eh? Now let’s have a look at the back of the bus.

First bus picture from the back: the back of the bus is heavily damaged. But, is this really the damage of a qassam rocket or a grenade?

Second bus picture from the back: the bus i’s a lot more damaged than on the first picture. Even the left of the roof came down a good part. So, what happened? Was the bus struck again but an unlucky unguided rocket? Bullshit. This is a picture from another exercise with the same stage prop. Every exercise damages the stage prop a bit more, so here the bus is damaged more.

Now have a look inside the „school bus“. Decide yourself: does the interior of the bus look like a clean school bus, where a lone 16 year old boy drives home from school with his many soft toys?

Or does the bus from the inside look like the dirty and uncared for interior of a bus stage prop used for badly damaging anti terror exercises?

Now look at the badly hurt 16 year old school boy, who was just on his way home from school with his many soft toys.

First picture of „injured“ 16 year old school boy with the hairy legs in his panties: the boy seems to be very much hurt. See the red colour on his body. It must be blood. And especially his left arm seems so badly hurt. Everywhere it is bound and patched with band-aid.

Second picture of „injured“ 16 year old school boy: now the badly injured little boy is put into an ambulance. A wonder happened. His left arm is tidy and healthy and it wears a beautiful big watch.

So, if you believe in wonders, continue to believe. You can look through the pics of the Nahal Oz school bus attack at daylife and you find in the details of the pics many more wonders. And then look for Gaza and don’t think about who is slaughtering the men, women and children there.

But I don’t believe in wonders. I believe in hasbara, which was planted by the zionist terror regime to give Israel a „justification“ for the preplanned murder of more than a dozen of Palestinians.

A valuable timeline of events around the „Nahal Oz school bus attack“ was collected on „Associated Press Deconstructed“.

Postscriptum: Some more points:

1st: Qassam brigades said, the resistance fired some mortars. Look at the damage of the bus: is that caused by mortar fire? Mortar is indirect fire, the projectiles come down from top in high-arcing ballistic trajectories. But the roof of the bus is the only thing, what’s not broken.

2nd: This pic shows a person with an incorrect shadow. It’s an indication for a photoshopped pic.

3rd: The reflector post in this pic has no shadow. Looks like incompetently photoshopped.

4th: That sounds interesting: Russia asks Israel to prove its arms were used in bus attack. Let’s see how Israel will answer this request.

5th: It now looks like, that the „Nahal Oz school bus attack“ is not a fake. The injured boy got a name n the meantime, Daniel Viflic and the location of the event is described precisely. The injured boy died in the meantime as a result of a severe head trauma. There are pictures of the funeral. Questions remain. The tree landscape still looks like put into the pic with photoshop. The soft toys still look like deliberately spread out for decoration of the pictures. What kind of a wepon has hit the bus and where di it come from? And finally, why the world poiticians offer condolences to the Israeli victims, but not to the Palestinian victims before and after the Nahal Oz schooll bus attack?

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