CIA-related groups are gearing up to attack Syria with „colored revolution“

The U.S. successfully used GONGOs close to the CIA like Freedom House and the NED to remove their ugly puppet dictators in Tunisia and in Egypt from power. Further „colored revolutions“ in Yemen, Algeria and Jordan are in the making. The aim of this U.S. policy is clearly to replace these dictators with better looking US-friendly puppet democracies. Now Washington tries to use the momentum of this process to stage a colored regime change in Syria.

Besides internet activists financed with half a billion of dollars through Washington’s MEPI program, it’s mass media and well known hasbara institutions are leading this campaign. On Monday CNN, which is close to the U.S. regime, propagated a revolt in Syria together with the zionist propaganda organisation MEMRI. Yesterday morning the Wal Street Journal, which is also close to the U.S. regime, continued this campaign against Syria. And yesterday later on, the U.S. news agency UPI campaigned for a dubious „Syrian revolution“ Facebook group advocating for protests in Syria next Friday.

There is a huge difference between the revoutionary events in Tunisia and Egypt and the protests planned in Syria. While the abolition of US-backed dictators like Ben Ali and Mubarak is a progress in the fight for justice, a colorful revolution in Syria would be a big step backwards. Syria is like Iran – where a Mossad backed colored revolution attempt failed 2009 – a key pillar of resistance against the hegemony of the Zionist dominated U.S. policy of aggression in the middle east.

Like many other countries in the middle east Syria had a lot of problems in recent decades. But these problems in Syria were caused due to it’s strong stance for the resistance and not by having a dictator obeying the orders of Tel-Aviv. Precisely because of his very effective support for the resistance, Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad is one of the most popular politicians among the arab people. It is one of the achievements of the steadfast resistance of Syria – and it’s ally Iran -, that the U.S. is now forced to dismantle it’s ugliest puppet dictatorships in the middle east and let it be repaced by regimes closer to the people.

Should the Zionist-dominated U.S. propaganda succeed to create a short-term wave of public anger which ousts Bashar Al-Assad, the U.S. would not only be abe to take over Syria, but also give the U.S. a much more free hand in installing pro-U.S. puppet regimes in the just revolutionized arab countries. These pseudo democratic puppet regimes modeled after the German pseudo democracy could easier be forced to be submissive to the cleptomanic Zionist terror regime.

For these reasons, it is important for all those longing for a real change in the middle east and finally the world to support Syria now and defend it against U.S. sponsored soft war attempts. The only way to reach a longing and just peace in the middle east is to resist, until the Zionist apartheid state of Israel ends all occupation and is transformed into a state of all it’s cititzens. Bashar Al-Assad is not a dictator, but serves the resistance as leader and example.

(This article was published first in a cat’s blog and was mirrored here, because the server is due to problems with DDoS-attacks hard to reach.)