Syria Files – Draft of the Cairo declaration leaked

A US-written draft of the so-called “Final Statement for the Syria Opposition Conference” “Held in Cairo July 2-3, 2012″ was leaked. Here is the Cairo declaration draft – as Mein Parteibuch received it by a well-placed source under the condition of anonymity – as it was before the “fisticuffs” of the US-lackeys fighting for the future position of the US-sponsored Syrian proconsul in Cairo started:


Erdogan lost all legitimacy

Turkish prime minister Erdogan lost all legitimacy. The Turkish people is unwilling to go to war against Syria but Erdogan uses bloody provocations and bold lies to lead Turkey to war with Syria. Doing so Erdogan pleases his backers in Doha, Riyad and Washington, but betrays the Turkish people who would never elected him had they known that Erdogan would turn out to become a warmongering lackey of the zionists. There is nothing to hide anymore.


Turkey owes the world an explanation: Why did the Turkish Phantom violate Syrian airspace?

Turkey owes Syria and the rest of the peace-loving world an explanation: why did the Turkish F-4E Phantom fighter jet shot down Friday violate Syrian airspace?


Todays terror ringleaders literally enjoy death and destruction

Bombers and drones of NATO hunted and bombed a convoy of 75 vehicles in the vicinity of Sirte yesterday. While some cars managed to escape other passengers left the cars before they were struck by NATOs attack. But they were then largely defenseless against an attack of some gangsters who were called in by NATO to finish the attack.


Muammar Gaddafi – a hero always in our hearts

They can kill bodies, but they can’t kill values, ideas and the spirit. Yesterday, the bloodthirsty dictators of the NATO states and their stooges have set another legal example of what they want to expect for themselves when they have to face the justice of the people.


Bani Walid analysis – 18th October

Al Jazeera yesterday came up with a report of NTC conquest of Bani Walid that pretty much looks like a fabrication like Al Jazeera did it before.


Al Jazeera’s victory claim on Bani Walid is a complete fake

Al Jazeera’s liar in chief Tony Birtley just appeared in front of a screne set of about 20 NTC actors and claimed that he is in the middle of Bani Walid.



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