The story of Ferhad Ehme – Fakt oder PR-Aktion?

Der in Berlin lebende 37-jährige Exilsyrer Ferhad Ehme, auch geschrieben als Farhad Ahma, ist kein Unbekannter. Bereits 1996 war er laut Berliner Zeitung nach Deutschland gekommen und ist als politischer Flüchtling anerkannt worden. In Syrien regierte 1996 noch Hafiz al-Assad.


How US-led regime change warriors train and misuse bloggers for their dirty games

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Logo of US-led regime change warriors

Sometimes even the notorious Zionist hasbara trolls can be useful to reveal something interesting. Here it’s a network of bloggers trained by US-led “soft war” warriors to be used for US-led regime change operations. A few days ago CNN and a self-styled London based anti-Syrian propaganda organisation calling itself Syrian Observatory for Human Rights spread an updated version of the Kuwaiti incubator lie. Basically the story was that Syrian security killed babies in incubators in Hama, widely a copy of the well-known fairy tale fabricated by Lauri Fitz-Pegado with PR company Hill & Knowlton to prepare the public ground for the US-led invasion of Iraq back in 1990.


Ryan Lizza spreads anti-Libyan war propaganda in “The New Yorker”

“The most dangerous of all falsehoods is a slightly distorted truth”. Georg
Christoph Lichtenberg

In front of the background that Barack Obama just started a war of choice against Libya Ryan Lizza, a famous writer of political profiles, published a lengthy article in the left leaning “New Yorker” magazine on the foreign policy of Barack Obama.

Ryan Lizza tries to make the case for Barack Obama that his foreign policy is a balanced mix of American values and American interests, driven by the events of ongoing history and decisions made from case to case in reaction to these events in the best manner for mankind eyeing not so much for perception as for results. The title of his article already articulate the message the readers shall swallow after reading the ten page article: “The Consequentialist – How the Arab Spring remade Obama’s foreign policy.”


CIA-related groups are gearing up to attack Syria with “colored revolution”

The U.S. successfully used GONGOs close to the CIA like Freedom House and the NED to remove their ugly puppet dictators in Tunisia and in Egypt from power. Further “colored revolutions” in Yemen, Algeria and Jordan are in the making. The aim of this U.S. policy is clearly to replace these dictators with better looking US-friendly puppet democracies. Now Washington tries to use the momentum of this process to stage a colored regime change in Syria.



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